Russian Twink — Bondage Sexy Time

Hulking young Russian thug Leo was cruising around his neighbourhood, looking for fresh boys to pick up and take back to his place for some hot, rough sex. He saw Tyler and he knew he was on to something special. The lad has a gorgeous face and a smooth, lithe body, perfect for an 18 year old. But Tyler showed off his bad attitude, sneering at Leo that he doesn’t fuck fags…Leo drives away, feeling rejected and angry and vowing to return. He does…wearing a ski mask he wrestles Tyler into the car and takes him to a deserted garage and chains him to the wall. There is no escape and Tyler is about to learn the folly of spurning Leo’s advances. Stripping the twink naked, Leo fixates on Tyler’s nipples, twisting them and pinching them until Tyler is almost crying and hopping up and down. He punches Tyler in the gut, slaps him in the face and smacks his cock around. Tyler is crying and trying to plead for his freedom under the gag, but Leo starts beating his ass and the soles of his feet with a stick. Tyler is terrified of what’s coming next! Enter here to see the full video of this sexy Russian twink getting manhandled and tortured.

horny twink bound and tortured

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