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More brutal locker room bdsm and humiliation

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, Insertions, Public Humiliation on July 21st, 2014 by gbladmin

Brutal Tops is here to give you incentive to get off the couch an off to the gym this weekend. Maybe you’ll encounter macho thug doms Terrance and Peter this weekend and they’ll be gracious enough to give you a personal training session. Check out their fitness demo in this trailer: Their client is made to do pushups and he gets a lash for each good one he does, with some bonus bootlicking for extra humiliation training. Next up is sit-ups, with Terrance and Peter taking turns bending over and getting a hot ass licking every time their slave hits the top of the move. Finally. get ready to feel the burn, as they get the sleave positioned for Squats over a huge dildo. He’s gotta go down and take that dildo up his ass and then get up and get a reward from crazy animal Terrance. Click here to check out these sadistic dom thugs terrorizing this agonized bottom slut at!

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brutal thugs torture and abuse slave in the locker room

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New Brit Gay BDSM site:…amazing Pegs : Nipple Clamps : Humiliation : GOB : Rimming

Posted in Uncategorized on July 19th, 2014 by gbladmin

Dave and Darren are up for fun today. They have a painpig to play with and two arses that need a good licking. But painpig needs to earn that reward. The object of the exercise is total pain because the two sadists know they’ll get a better rimming from their bottom that way.

Bound to the weights bench they torment his cock and balls with clothes pegs to make it a real porcupine before turning their attention to his nipples and applying bulldog clips to them.

Darren’s hairy nuts need a clean next and both delicious globes are pressed into the bottom’s mouth. Darren makes a nice seat out of painpig’s mouth wriggling his young builder’s bare arse onto his mouth while Dave flogs the poor cunt….Enter here to see more excruciating BDSM, punishment and humiliation at

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Gay Dom Thugs brutalize and punish fresh meat

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, Public Humiliation on July 18th, 2014 by gbladmin

New extreme gay BDSM site continues to impress…this week’s trailer features psycho gay doms Mike and Darryl working out at the gym, dripping with sweat and tormenting their new submissive slave to act like a dog, and all dogs must be properly trained. The slave, College Boi is forced to craw and lick the asses of his masters, endure floggings and rough bareback assfucking. The entire scene is humiliating, College Boi is reduced to a slobbering animal, completely under the control of his jeering, brutal masters. Enter here to watch more video of gay Dom thugs Mike and Darryl beating up and terrorizing new slave College Boi!

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Tattooed gay pain pig brutally punished and dominated

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Forced foot worship and foot gagging

Posted in Bondage, fetish, Public Humiliation on July 16th, 2014 by gbladmin

The cops in England have a fierce reputation when it comes to dealing with sexual perverts, although it seems that the worst offenders may be the police themselves. When a dirty old man gets brought in for indecent exposure, there’s a good chance they will be turned over to cops like Nicholas and Toby, who are more like thugs than peace officers, and they relish every opportunity they get to humiliate and shame degenerate perverts caught exposing themselves at playgrounds and schoolyards. In this video, they have a brutish subhuman in their custody, shaved head, hairy back and chest and covered on the most vile vulgar tattoos you could imagine. Toby strips the clod naked and rams his asshole with a nightstick, Nicholas forces him to grovel at his feet and lick his shoes. Soon Nicholas is cramming his bare foot into the arrestee’s mouth until he gags, and both cops laugh when Toby gobs in his face. They can’t decide who gets to footgag him next so they both put their dirty, stinking feet into the wanker’s gob. It’s truly brutal punishment, and the cops jeer and berate the pervert while he hopelessly tries to please them. Click here to watch the complete foot-gagging perversion punishment video.

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forced foot worship and foot gagging

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Blue collar sadists abuse and humiliate their slave

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, Public Humiliation on July 4th, 2014 by gbladmin

Nick and Lee are total shits when it comes to breaking in a new guy on the construction site. They give every newbie shit, and today, they go overboard to an absurd degree. They strip the new guy naked, take turns paddling his ass, drag him around by a leash, force him to rim them out and lick their sweaty armpits, and slurp up gob after gob of slimy spit. Nick and Lee are beyond perverted, or even deranged. The insane amount of glee they experience at the humiliation and agony of their slave is horrifying and sickening. Of course, I rewatched this trailer about 30 times before posting it and I am going to spend the whole afternoon watching these sick fucks dominate and punish their helpless bondage plaything. Click here to see these blue collar sadists punishing and humiliating their victim in full length HD video!

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rough blue collar sadists abuse and humiliate their slave

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Brutal Tops spitroast timid twink

Posted in fetish, Public Humiliation on June 6th, 2014 by gbladmin

BrutalTops has sent out another trailer featuring action from their latest weekly update, this week featuring Terrence and Khaled manhandling and abusing a skinny twink they found lurking around the shower room of their gym Terrance has the hottest body seen so far on Brutal Tops, and he’s got a fucking, arrogant nasty attitude to go with it. Khaled is into getting rimmed, and he squats over the face of his submissive new conquest and forces the young dude to thoroughly tongue his hole. Khaled and Terrance tag team the suffering bottom from both ends, and while the bondage and SM elements were lacking in this trailer, the full video boasts tons of the trademark vicious verbal abuse, lots of gobbing and piss drinking that Brutal Tops does better than anyone else. Click here see lots more free trailers from Brutal Tops featuring BDSM, nasty pissing and gobbing action, and abject humiliation of their timid slave bois.

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gym rat thugs abuse and terrorize fresh twink

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