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Extreme male-male CBT and piss fetish humiliation

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Insertions, Public Humiliation on January 2nd, 2014 by gbladmin

Nick and Mike are feeling pumped up after a really strenuous workout — they get back into the lockerroom and they want to release their pent up aggression and sexual fire. The team’s last man, a rookie who warms the bench, who’s name Mike and Nick don’t even know is getting ready to leave for home, but the Brutal Tops have him in their clutches before he can escape. The sadists toss the young man to the floor like a limp dishrag and they tie up his ankles and wrists dispelling any hope of escape, and then they rope off his balls, squeezing them until they’re bulging and the head of his cock has turned purple. Mike pinches the poor lad’s cock with clothespins, while Nick humiliates him, forcing him to inhale the odors from his stinking jockstrap. Nick then finds his cricket bat and jams the handle up the rookie’s virgin asshole, fucking him with the pole and leaning over his face to cover him with piss. It’s utter disregard and cruelty, and its fucking red hot gay bondage video. Enter here to see the entire perverted gay bondage fetish video.

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Extreme male-male CBT and piss fetish humiliation

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Brutal Tops humiliate stud and drown him in piss

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Insertions, Public Humiliation, Spanking on December 30th, 2013 by gbladmin

Brutal Tops is making all of your weekend wishes come true with an extra-graphic, extra-humiliating, extra-cruel update featuring Master Nick and Lukas. Their slave is a brawny tough guy, but he’s submissive at the core and overwhelmed by the perverted thugs. Playing in a hospital setting, it’s a perfect opportunity to give this muscle slab a piss enema, and Nick drains his bladder into the cup that fills the slave’s gut. He’s told to hold it in or else, but he can’t manage, so Nick flips him over and unleashes a rare cruelty, delighting in a savage caning, leaving the slave’s ass marked, bruised and throbbing. Lukas and Nick are determined to fill their slave with piss so they force open his mouth and fill him up from the other end, using his face as a urinal, and add copious amounts of spit to the mix as well. Nick screws a heavy duty set of nipple clamps onto the bottom bitch and instructs him to jack off while sucking master’s cock. As the slave gets ready to cum, Nick rips off the nipple clamp and the slave howls in agony. Don’t miss this video. Watch the full version only at

brutal tops humiliate stud and drown him in piss

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Brutal thugs dominate and torment twink weakling at the gym

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, Public Humiliation on November 9th, 2013 by gbladmin

Master Maurice and his mate are feeling restless and horny at the gym after their workout, and they see a twink weakling struggling to make it through a training session. Indulging their sadistic bully side, they strip the twink down and begin to shove him around and abuse him, smacking him with a riding crop, lashing him across his ass and torso, pushing him to run faster and faster on the treadmill, and after he’s gasping for breath, they jam their cocks down his throat until he chokes! It’s hardcore abuse and punishment and humiliation not for the weak of heart. Enter here to see this twink suffering abuse and humiliation at the hands of these sadistic thugs in HD video at!

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brutal thugs dominate and torment twink weakling at the gym

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Pain Pig lucky to service extremly sadistic gay tops

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Public Humiliation on November 8th, 2013 by gbladmin

Sadistic, perverted gay doms Dave and Darren are itching to take out their frustrations on a new victim in the latest video from Brutal Tops…Stalking around at the gym for a victim, they find an older dude working out by himself and they pounce. Soldier Dave has committed unspeakable acts on the front, and he craves recreating his depraved fantasies every time he takes a new prisoner. Dave strips the submissive pain pig, and forces him to suck off his partner Darren’s dick while whipping him across the back, ass, and legs. Dave shoves his captive’s face down on Darren’s cock until he’s choking on the balls, while Dave screams in his ear. It’s intense, stomach turning humiliation and abuse from my favourite new gay BDSM site… Watch the entire epic gay bdsm/humiliation video at!

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Perverted Ruggers torture and humiliate their sex-pig slave

Posted in BDSM, Bears and Daddies, fetish, Insertions, Public Humiliation, Spanking on August 21st, 2013 by gbladmin

Guy and Derek are a pair of the dirtiest bastards you will ever come across, whether its on the rugby pitch or in the lockerroom, or the clubhouse, these two alpha males are nasty pigs, only interested in winning and making the loser look bad. Indulging their appetite for cruelty and degradation is the only thing that matters to them, and in this video, they return triumphant from their latest rugby match, but the testosterone and adrenalin is still coursing through their veins and they have so much more cruelty and humiliation to deliver. They think ahead though, and they keep a nasty, brutish thug sex pig stashed in the locker room to sponge up their abuse and cruelty. Derek and Guy get their kits off, and the muscular jocks are covered with grime — time for the slave to clean them off with his tongue. In the trademark humiliating move, the tops shove the slave face first into their armpits, asscracks and feet, forcing the slob to lick them clean. They can’t believe this wanker would lower himself to act like a dog without putting up a fight, and the testosterone fueled bullied lay into the slaves, kicking him with their clears and slapping him like a bitch. They spank his hairy ass and fuck him from both ends, making sure he gets an ugly, messy mouthful of cum when they’re finished. Click here to watch the full scene of brutal sex and humiliation at

perverted ruggers torture and humiliate their sex-pig slave

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Rugby bastards abuse old perv like a tackling dummy

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Public Humiliation on July 31st, 2013 by gbladmin

The blue collar heroes at are raging again, and this video features muscular Guy and Derek in rugby uniforms, practicing their tackling form on hairy brute Seth Wilkins. Wilkins is roped to a giant padded tackling dummy and guy and Derek take turns crashing into him at full force. Seth grunts and gasps each time one of the young, strong sadists crush his abdomen with a shoulder or a knee. The old, tattooed bastard is wheezing and panting, but the young bucks are just getting warmed up. Derek has broke a sweat after repeatedly crumpling the old geezer like a soda can, and he takes off his jersey and shoves his armpit in Seth’s face to let him get a heady whiff of true manliness and strength. From behind, Guy shoves Seth’s face deep into Derek’s sweaty pit, forcing him to lick the dank crevasse clean. They topple bound Seth to the ground and while Derek squats on his face, Guy strips down and his erect cock springs forth, ready to wreck Seth’s hairy asshole. While Guy pummels the brutish sex slave’s hole with his swollen dick, Derek smothers him using his disgusting, stinking athletic shoe. All in all, it’s once again a great day to be a top! Click here to see the wicked antics of the cruel bondage freaks at

Rugby bastards abuse old perv like a tackling dummy

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