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Nick Moretti punishes raw bondage newbie

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, Spanking on September 26th, 2014 by gbladmin played a little “Make A Wish” with its members this week, and granted a request from a fan that wanted to do a shoot with Nick Moretti. Mike Tanner is a hardbody construction worker and new to BDSM at this level. Nick checks him out to see if he’s for real, working his balls with an iron fist, striking his testicles with a riding crop and torturing Mike’s dick with tight clothespins. Mike writhes around in pain and his howls of pain and agony are real and a total turn on. Mike gets the full package from Nick: brutal flogging that raises blood-red welts on his pale skin, forced blowjob on the master and hard fucking in chains! An amazing example of BoundGods thinking outside the box and creating another unique gay bdsm video . Click here for more video of Nick Moretti taking bondage newcomer Mike Tanner to his limits and beyond!

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What are BoundGods members saying about this video?

Loved the flogging scene and the red marks on Tanner’s great white body. Also love his boyish, cute, boy-next-door smile; All in all Mike Tanner is adorable! More of him, please!

DAMN, Nick, my balls ached watching you make Mike’s balls ache…OUTSTANDING Mike…you sure are well dicked & MAGNIFICENT balls….terrific sounds from your mouth…A+++ Nick for working Mike so hard….Mike, please tell Van you’d like to try tease & denial…….

Wow. Loved the CBT, clothspins and the hard core aggressive nature of this shoot. Very well done. Looking good Nick. Mike you have one hell of a nice cock and balls.

How could anybody be anything but impressed by Mike Tanners’ screen debut. Nick flogged him for all he was worth and the ball torture made me squirm. The reality of the whole scene was what made it so intense. I had to keep reminding myself as he absorbed everything that Nick threw at him that Mike was new to B&D at this level.

Dom Nick Moretti makes a BG member's bondage fantasy come true!

Enter here to see more video of Nick Moretti punishing and dominating grovelling member!

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Super Hero in Peril: The Moral Keeper faces endless cock torture

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, Edging, fetish, Insertions, Spanking, Uncategorized on September 22nd, 2014 by gbladmin

The Men On Edge series at keeps veering into new territory. After showing off stunning outdoor locations for their edging/bondage videos, they have moved into the realm of sci-fi for what looks to be the foreseeable future with their new “Super Heroes in Peril” series. Van Darkholme is featured as the evil Edgemaster (more in him later) and he has captured young stud Will Parks aka The Moral Keeper for torture, punishment and humiliation. Basically the porn world is going apeshit over the retro/futuristic spaceship bondage set that Kink is rolling out with this scene. Very original Star Trek vibe, and Will is perfect in his spandex costume, his enormous cock standing erect and trying to withstand the teasing and torment inflicted by Van Darkholme. After he’s warmed the hero up with a magic wand, Van unleashed the heavy artillery…he’s got a flashjack mounted on a Fucksall and he gives Will 1000rpm of high intensity friction on his engorged cock. Will is barely able to contain himself and he begs for Van to let him cum, But the Edgemaster has another machine that the Moral Keeper must surviv before he is allowed to release his juice. Van uses another fucking machine to ram Will’s hot hole while he cranks his cock with his fist, finally allowing the frenzied young super hero to dump his huge load of cum all over the spaceship floor. Personally, I give this scene an A grade, but if they are going to use it a lot more, I want to see some more impressive costumes on Van…I think perhaps something more General Zod would be appropriate in this setting. Click here to watch more videos from this intense super hero bondage and edging scene.

Gay Super Hero Peril Bondage

Enter here for more supreme bondage and edging videos from Men on Edge

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Gay Bondage Cock Cuff & Chains

Posted in Bondage on September 21st, 2014 by gbladmin

Ed trys out a new cock cuff on his hooded slave. The fit is fine, but it get’s even better when a chain is added. Ed secures his slave to the ceiling with wrist cuffs, then sits and amuses himself with that convieniently placed length of chain. Check out this hot gay bondage CBT by the 24/7 real life bondage players at Serious Male Bondage.

Chained cock on display

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Straight Hell — Black Boxer Brutalized and whipped

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, Spanking on September 16th, 2014 by gbladmin

Getting ahead of ourselves — We are just catching up with the plight of suffering Benjamin, a slab of tasty Ebony chocolate getting put through a hell of a BDSM ordeal at the hands of Straight Hell tops Dave and Reuben. The menacing tops have unleashed the flogger and the cane across Benjamin’s poor back and bare feet, and Benjamin is howling in pain! The punishment does not slow down even when they drop the whip, because Dave and Reuben are eying Ben’s cock and balls with an idea to pinch and twist them in knots, causing Benjamin unbearable pain. As his anguish is at its worst, another unthinkable punishment: drink his torturer’s piss! Benjamin fights Dave and Reuben as they push his face into the dog dish of their hot piss, but the command him to lick it up, and when his reluctance frustrates them, its an extra hard ball twist and the dish gets dumped on his head! Benjamin’s suffering is almost unbearable — Enter here to see the amazing full video in HD.

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Enter here to see Benjamin’s entire BDSM ordeal

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Heavy latex bondage and CBT

Posted in Bondage, fetish on September 8th, 2014 by gbladmin

I love these amateur dudes that are into the heavy latex fetish and home dungeons. These guys who are carpenters, pipefitters, welders or whatever, end up building the craziest bondage contraptions to torture each other with. In this photo set, Daddy Tony has a horny slave begging to be locked in his vertical stocks and tortured. Tony happily obliges and locks the latex pig in place, securing him at the wrists, waist and ankles before roping off his nuts and yanking on his cock. These freaks might be lurking in your own small town, holding down regular jobs while building the most devilish bondage restraints in their barns or mobile homes at night and weekends. Enter here to see more freaky everyday 24/7 bondage players.

heavy latex bondage and CBT

Click here for more crazy rubber and latex bondage from 24/7 players

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Handsome Terry whipped, gagged and strung up

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, Public Humiliation on September 7th, 2014 by gbladmin

Aspiring male model Terry is being put through an agonizing BDSM regimen by his sadistic master, Dave. Terry is hung by the wrists and gagged, and Dave applies incredible force to his nipples with some nasty vises, causing Tery to cry out in horrible pain from under his ball gag. Dave has also snapped several strong clips onto Terry’s dick and balls and run a strap tying off the head off Terry’s cock to his toes. Terry is in pure agony, as his penis is stretched to the limit and the strap feels like its going to cut the head of his cock right off. Dave screams abuse in his face and starts whipping his backside until welts are growing from Terry’s white skin. Finally Dave releases him from the torturous suspension, but only substitutes humiliation for pain: Terry must drink Dave’s piss until he gags. it’s lights out BDSM and humiliation, done the way Straight Hell does it best; Enter here to see this raw, unnerving gay BDSM video featuring Terry in extreme suspension position and forced to drink piss at!

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extreme gay bdsm suspension and CBT

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Enter here to see straight Terry’s painful and humiliating gay BDSM punishment at

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