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Tortured Terry finally gets fucked in the ass

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Public Humiliation, Uncategorized on April 20th, 2014 by gbladmin

It’s a Christmas miracle! Straight Hell has delivered the amazing finale of their toe-curling series featuring straight male model Terry and cruel beast top Dave. Dave is hitting a punishment crescendo, roping Terry’s cock and balls, and pulling on them as if he was trying to start a troublesome lawnmower. Terry has been reduced to a grovelling animal, and when Dave offers his dick to be sucked Terry accepts in the hopes it will please his master enough to stop the pain. Unlikely! Dave keeps pulling on Terry’s cock until he’s got a fat harrd-on, and then mounts him and fucks his virgin asshole. Terry thrashes around while Dave fucks him and after Dave spurts a huge load of jizz across Terry’s crotch, Dave licks it up and forces Terry to felch. Disturbing, sadistic and super fucking hot! Merry Christmas you perverts! Enter here for more hot fucking gay BDSM videos at!

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straight man Terry bound and brutally fucked

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Click here to see more of Terry’s humiliating gay bdsm video at!

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CJ Madison dominates cock worshiping Adam

Posted in BDSM, Bears and Daddies, Bondage, fetish on April 18th, 2014 by gbladmin

In this gay bondage fantasy, submissive Adam dreams of being dominated, punished and fucked by a strong daddy figure; someone rough and hard, but also a little tender. enter CJ Madison, a seething bull of a man, glowering at Adam in the dark, his huge cock hanging low, demanding t be worshiped. Adam does his best to swallow the entire mammoth prick to please his master, but CJ remains unimpressed and applies more pain to Adam’s genitals to educate him and punish him. CJ works Adam over with the leather flogger, uses nipple clamps to cause incredible pain to the newcomer, and finally fucks him in the ass with the giant cock. All the while CJ was being hard and abusive with Adam, there was and underlying element and tenderness by CJ toward Adam. The moment where he kisses Adam reminded me very much of Chris Keller on “OZ”, simultaneously dominating and showing tender affection. Enter here to see more video of CJ Madison punishing and fucking slave pig Adam at

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What are BoundGods members saying about this video?

Clearly not the norm for this site, but I liked it. Loved the control during the kissing scene, the overall cock worship and this time I have to give thumbs up to your production team. The filming was well done. WELCOME BACK CJ!!! YOU are so HOT.

What a great shot! I can’t believe that Adam could take that huge cox in his mouth and ass! The kissing was great and so hot. I will see again.

I love the kissing and the tender rubbing CJ did to Adam like he let Adam have some le-way but yet he was still the dom in control! Love CJ’s eye’s too they are beautiful!

Loved the leather straps and collar – nice change from rope.

I liked it. I liked the fact Adam said he had been a dom, then took it like a champ. Hot!!!!!!!!

Enter here for more video of sexy slave Adam worshiping CJ’s massive cock!

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Terrified straight slave bullied and bound by perverted gay Dom

Posted in BDSM, Bears and Daddies, Bondage, Insertions, Public Humiliation on April 16th, 2014 by gbladmin

Foolish Bailey has been caught in Adrian’s cruel bondage web, and the straight Australian lad tries to muster up some of that famous swagger and bluster his way out of trouble, but it backfires on him horribly. He spits in Adrian’s face, earning a smackdown, and he’s left frogtied, in an extremely uncomfortable crouching position, with hairy body naked and exposed for punishment. Adrian uses the cane on his genitals and leaves Bailey teary eyed and blubbering in pain. Next Adrian want Bailey’s exposed cock to feel even more pain, so he pinches it with at least a dozen old fashioned wooden clothespins, and then shoves his cock into Bailey’s mouth and forces him to gag on it. Has Bailey learned to respect or at least fear his British host? Time will tell, but clearly Adrian has more discipline and punishment lessons in mind for Bailey. Click here to see the entire gay-on-straight BDSM punishment video.

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frogtied slave bullied and tortured

Enter here to see more straight men broken and bound by perverted gay tormentors

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Master Dirk Caber brings the pain in his BoundGods debut

Posted in BDSM, Bears and Daddies, Bondage on April 4th, 2014 by gbladmin

BoundGods has a very special update this week, debuting their new House Dom, Master Dirk Caber, and its a real treat to watch him work. Site fave sub Jason Miller tries to placate the new master, but Master Dirk isn’t impressed by his grovelling. Dirk thinks some pain training is in order and unveils a new toy in the dungeon, the CBT stand, and soon Jason is rigged up with enough weight on his nuts to make an average man pass out. But pain pig Jason wants to win the admiration from his Master, and his grits his teeth through the pain, even when Dirk hangs a bowling ball off of his cock! Finally, Dirk releases Jason from his torment only to tease him with nipple clamps. While cajoled into boot worship and cock worship of his newMaster, Jason’s nipple clamps are teased and tugged to the limit by Dirk until he eventually tears them free. Take in the epic pain that shoots through Jason’s body! This shoot delivers even more excellent BDSM, orgasm denial and hot fucking. Don’t miss this video! Click here to see Jason Miller’s unbearable suffering at the hands of rugged and sexy Dom Dirk Caber exclusively at

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What are BoundGods Members saying about this shoot?

I am breathless, I can not believe this shot. Dirk was ruthless in the pain. Jason I can not believe you took the nipple clamps, ripped off. Give me a break! Climax Twice!!Never before have I ever been so aroused at a video.

Really great to see an expert SM Top. Others are often horny but Dirk is horny, serious and professional. A real sadist. Great to watch. Many could learn from him.

I love Dirk’s voice! It’s so calming but masterful!!!!!! More of him please!!!!

Wow, that was hot! Dirk is great, would love love love to see him back often. His voice and manner are such a turn on. Jason and his balls were great as always:) The suspended position was really good, but my favorite part were the nipple clamps… Loved seeing Jason pushed that far and taking it so well.

Master Dirk Caber brings the pain in his BoundGods debut

Enter here to see the full 60 minute video of Master Dirk’s explosive debut at!

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Arrogant Straight Jock knocked down a peg

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, Public Humiliation on March 21st, 2014 by gbladmin

Since Nicholas’ last encounter with the Straight Hell tops Adrian and Dave, he has been plotting his revenge: working out, bulking up, and training in hand-to-hand combat so the next time he encounters the aggressive, abusive tops, he can exact vengeance in a similarly brutal fashion. But you can eat all of your vitamins and do all of the pushups you want, if you leave the gym door unlocked while you are training with your headphones on, you can still be taken by surprise. And that’s exactly what happens to poor, dim Nicholas. Adrian and Dave have heard about him bragging at the pub how he’s going to find them and lay a beatdown on them, so they decided to come to him and make it easier. Except not. Dave ropes Nicholas around the neck and tethers him tightly to the ceiling and then lashes him mercilessly with a leather whip. Adrian rams his meaty finger up Nicholas’s asshole and makes him howl in pain. The sadistic duo stretches out Nicholas’ already long, droopy foreskin, suspending weights from a clamp, forcing Nicholas to scream in anguish. Enter here to see the entire spectacle of cruelty, bondage and humiliation in full HD resolution.

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savage gay rope bondage and CBT punishment

Click here to see more buff straight jocks and blue collar beef humbled and punished by raunchy gay tops

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Two Straight men forced into humiliating sexual positions

Posted in BDSM, Bears and Daddies, Bondage, fetish, Insertions, Public Humiliation, Spanking on March 20th, 2014 by gbladmin

I hope you enjoy this week’s update from BreederFuckers, I have the feeling it might be one of the standouts for 2012. This is the first appearance of Joel, who has clearly become a source of irritation for Adrian and Dave. Joel is a young straight fellow, a Christian and a young father. He has also been forced to swallow his pride in the shitty economy and take a job collecting donations for charity on the street. He has been camped out on the sidewalk in front of the entrance to the BreederFuckers Office for a couple of weeks and Adrian becomes aggravated by the mere sight of him. He calls Joel and his ilk “charity muggers” and hatches a plan to put him in his place. It’s actually quite easy…once Joel hears an offer from Dave and Adrian for real, paying work he happily agrees to hear them out and follows them into their dank, basement dungeon. Confusion starts to set in when Joel sees his solicitation partner stripped and roped, dreading whatever comes next. Dave ropes Joel and soon the skinny young man is naked as the day he was born, standing next to his friend, both good Christians who are revulsed at the idea of touching the naked flesh of another man. Adrian and Dave jeer at them and lash them ruthlessly with leather floggers, forcing them together for a kiss, ultimately with lots of hot tongue action. Joel and his friend are tethered together with nipple clamps and chains so that each whip lash knocks one nervous naked man into the other. Joel’s friend has a whip put in his hand and he’s ordered to whip Joel, and he does it without compunction in hopes of winning his freedom. Laughing at how easy it is to get one Christian to betray another, the two sadistic tops have a fitting punishment for both, and they are both knocked to their knees, roped like dogs to insure their compliance and Joel is dragged by the neck face-first into his mate’s sour-smelling asscrack for some extremely reluctant rimming. Like I said, this video has all the makings of a classic, make sure you check out the full version at

Straight men forced into humiliating sexual positions

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