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GayWarGames — New Trailer released — “Psycho Doctor pt 3″

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, military fetish, Spanking on April 15th, 2014 by gbladmin

More punishment on order from the crazies at GayWarGames, who have released a new promo trailer from one of their great group punishment videos “The Psycho Doctor.” A pair of twinks have been captured and taken back to the soldiers makeshift camp and are interrogated for information. The soldiers hope for resistance, because they want most of all is a chance to satisfy their lust for man-flesh. Despite the protests of the twink prisoners, the soldiers strip them, force their cocks into their mouths, finger their assholes, and heap copious amounts of abuse on them. The cruel finale to the trailer features the twinks with their mouths pried open and the soldiers gleefully spraying piss all over the helpless twink slaves. Truly sick punishment, humiliation and pain: a bdsm lover’s delight! Enter here to see the full Twink BDSM punishment video

More trailers from this set, courtesy of our friends at
Part 2: Bound twinks suspended and face-fucked
Part 1: Drunk Twinks abducted and abused by the GayWarGames queer commandos

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twinks subjected to cruel treatment by their crazy doctor

Enter here to see the full twink BDSM punishment video

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Fresh Meat: Bryan feels the StraightHell abuse

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, Insertions, Public Humiliation on April 12th, 2014 by gbladmin

I really love it every time the perverted thugs at Straight Hell introduce a new victim on the site, it makes me feel giddy seeing the fresh meat getting broken in and painfully humiliated. Bryan is an asshole…he’s a loudmouth jerk that treats his wife like shit, insults her, refuses to help around the house and then expects a blowjob before bed. Never was the term lout more appropriate. Finally, Bryan’s shitty attitude has caught up with him, and Adrian and Dave arrive to teach him some manners and respect. The two tough guy tops wrestle the struggling blond into submission (do you agree with me that Bryan bears more than a passing resemblance to Gordon Ramsay? Jesus, what I wouldn’t pay for Adrian and Dave to go after that foul-mouthed fuck for real) and then restrain him with ropes and rip the clothes right off of him. The naked wanker’s fear is starting to show, and he suddenly acts like a scared rabbit looking at the headlights of an oncoming truck. Dave and Adrian violently finger fuck his asshole and then force Bryan to lick off their stinking digits. Then they force Bryan to his knees and cram both of their cocks in his mouth at once. Bryan is the one bullied now, and he has been fucked into humiliating submission. Enter here to see the full video of Bryan’s capture and painful sexual domination.

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Click here for more strong straight men fucked into submission by perverted gay tops

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Military prisoners forced to suck dick

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, military fetish on March 28th, 2014 by gbladmin

Mecko and Ivan from GayWarGames have a couple of enemy soldier prisoners held captive in an abandoned building, and after humiliating them and forcing them to denounce their loyalty to the mother country, Mecko and Ivan want to see their hated enemies really shamed and degraded. One prisoner, Michal is roped to an iron framed bed and his comrade, Sergei is forced to suck him off. Mecko screams insults at him and forces Sergei’s head down to deepthroat the cock until he gags. Hulking, menacing Ivan sits silently nearby, stroking his big dick at the spectacle and occasionally giving Sergei a hard smack across the ass. Soon Mecko and Ivan are crowding around the crouching soldier with their own cocks out, eager to get s bit of the pleasure he has dutifully giving his comrade. Enter her to see the full assault on twink slaves Michal and Segei and their hot bondage cocksucking episode!

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straight prisoners forced to suck each other off by horny slavemasters

Enter here to see the full gay bondage video of POW slaves roped and forced to suck each other off for the amusement of their horny captors.

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Gay War Games Soldiers humiliate and fuck fresh twinks

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, military fetish on March 21st, 2014 by gbladmin

The Gay War Games soldiers are still marauding the countryside and terrorizing the populace. No twink is safe from their throbbing cocks! This clip picks up the action from Part 1 of “Bustour” and the three raunchy guerrillas, Mecko, Becko and Ivan have encircled poor Sebastian and are all trying to stuff their cocks in his mouth at once. They hurl insults and threats as he tries his best to pleasure them, but their pleasure in in striking terror in the hearts of their victims. Soon Sebastian’s friends, Ralph and Jeff are rounded up and the twink trio are forced to strip at the side of the road before they are led off deep into the woods to an abandoned farmhouse, the setting for the next queer commandos terrifying gay bondage gangfuck. Enter here to see more video of Sebastian and his twink comrades getting force face-fucked and painfully humiliated!

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Enter here to see more video of the Gay War Games soldiers fucking and abusing these terrified twinks!

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Marko’s Painful BDSM Ordeal continues: GWG “the Redneck” pt 3

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Insertions, military fetish on March 10th, 2014 by gbladmin

The Gay War Games propaganda machine has released another trailer from the series “The Redneck” featuring muscular and thuggish Marko, a working country boy ambushed by homo guerrillas Mecko and Ivan. Part three of the series opens with the soldiers dragging their struggling captive to an abandoned barn in the middle of the woods, stripped naked and gasping for air as Mecko and Ivan duel each other as they force their long cocks down Marko’s throat. The country boy gasps for air, his muscles strain against the handcuffs, and his eyes bulge as their cocks push down his throat — his forced submission is imminent. Strapping him to a table and bending him over, Ivan begins jabbing a finger into Marcko’s ass, and then pulls out a giant black dildo to loosen his virgin hole. Marko grimaces with pain as his asshole is penetrated and violated, but can barely fight as Mecko’s big fat dick is still pumping away in his mouth. More forced oral and sadistic military bondage at Gay War Games!

More trailers from this set:
Part 2: Buff Jock overpowered by Gay War Games Soldiers
Part 1 courtesy of
Part 1: Buff Country boy seized and abused by Gay War Games Commandos

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Click here to see more of Marko’s painful penetration and forced oral violation

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Jocks bully and dominate locker-room pervs

Posted in BDSM, fetish, Public Humiliation on March 2nd, 2014 by gbladmin

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Swim team jocks Billy and Bryan have caught a couple of skeevy pervs lurking around their locker-room, trying to get a look at their junk. They quickly catch on to their bumbling scheme and soon everyone is naked, and Billy and Bryan take turns dunking heads in a bucket of water, threatening to drown them, while the other perv is forced to deep throat cock. Bryan whips out his giant pecker and forces it down the throat of an old perverted bastard until he chokes. Drowning and choking and buckets of cum flowing shooting from the cocks of these cruel, aggressive tops — images of cruelty and humiliation dominate the screen. Enter here to watch the complete video of these sexy, cruel thugs dominating their horny gross sex slaves.

jock bullies dominate and punish locker room pervs

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