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Muscleman cowed into submission and debased by jeering superiors

Posted in fetish, Public Humiliation on August 21st, 2014 by gbladmin

Beefy straight man Allen has been working for a private security firm since 2009. It’s his first job in this field and he feels intimidated by more experienced men in the company. They take a lot of pleasure hazing the rookie, and Allen knows he has to take the abuse to keep the job. If he quits, he’s finished in the industry and its back to being a nightclub bouncer for minimum wage. So he’s called into his supervisor’s office for a meeting, and three executives mock him and humiliate him, force him to strip to ostensibly search for signs of drug use, and then they demand a semen sample for testing. Straight tough-guy Allen has to stand there while he is wanked by another man, while the jeering rings in his ears. After he is brought to climax, his boss forced him to eat his own spunk as his degradation hits a terrible low. Enter here to see more humiliating video of shamed straight man Allen teased, mocked and harassed by his superiors at!

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straight musclebound man forced to lick cum from superior's hand

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Straight Dude dominated and humiliated @

Posted in fetish, Public Humiliation on August 20th, 2014 by gbladmin

Straight lad Chris has been mouthing off around the gym and getting fresh with the female clientelle. Fed up with his bullshit antics, the dominant pervs from decide to get into his face and teach him a lesson about proper behaviour. They corner him in the locker room and strip him naked, surrounding him so he can’t put up a fight. They decide to see how he likes getting treated like a bitch. They grope him, caress him in the most creepy way possible and fondle his big cock. They jeer when he starts getting hard, and Chris is deeply ashamed by his body betraying him and getting aroused at the touch of a man. The three deviant doms force the distraught Chris to jerk off for their amusement and laugh and mock him when he finally blows his wet, sloppy load. Enter here to see more headgames, humiliation and anal training of straight handsome men at!

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unlucky straight lad gets ambushed in the locker room and abused

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Hogtied CBT Revenge

Posted in BDSM, Bears and Daddies, Bondage, Insertions, Public Humiliation on August 19th, 2014 by gbladmin

Just enjoy the intensity of this trailer. Watch it 50 times. Straight Hell is bringing it, and in my opinion has never been better that this series featuring Danny and sadistic Adrian. Recap: Adrian hired Danny for a plumbing job, but when he caught Danny sniffing his daughter’s used panties in the laundry basket, all hell broke loose. Now Adrian has Danny tied in a backbreaking hogtie with the panties over his head and tape blindfolding him. Adrian continues to threaten and insult Danny, and he shoves a vibrator up his ass to get him loosened up. From there, Adrian produces a cattle prod and he proceeds to electrify Danny’s balls and taint mercilessly. Danny is crying out in agony, but Adrian is relentless. It’s fucking tense and brilliant gay BDSM video. Click here to catch up on previous chapters and to watch the whole thing, uncut in HD.

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bound and gagged slave gets his genitals abused

See earlier trailers from this movie:
Part 2: Toilet Slave’s humiliating punishment
Part 1: StraightHell Dom Thugs terrorize sad tosser

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Extreme caning pain and bondage fucking

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Insertions, Spanking on August 18th, 2014 by gbladmin

It’s time for our weekly fix, and I want to publicly declare that I fucking love Master Adrian and I could watch him do horrible, painful things to young, muscular men all day long. He’s a sadistic fucking animal…no better way to describe him. Although he’s not all brute force. Lots of cunning there too. As always, he’s incredibly fucking intense. This trailer picks up the action of his encounter with snotty brat Kristjan, roped into a kneeling position, ass in the air, and Adrian is whipping him with a cane. Watch the welting and the bruising live! Adrian is ferocious with his cane and leather strap, and Kristjan has tears streaming from his eyes. Adrian gives him a temporary break from the pain, only to jam four fingers up the straight lad’s asshole! Finger fukcing him is just a warmup to a hot fuck with a glass dildo, and then the main event: Adrian mounts the lad and fucks the shit out of him while he’s bound in rope. It’s raw, intense and savage. Click here to watch the full video of theis hot, strange, intense gay bondage spectacle!

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brutal gay bondage punishment and fucking

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Deal goes bad, Twink punished and fucked

Posted in Bondage, Insertions on August 16th, 2014 by gbladmin

This is a sweet little trailer from the new site, featuring Christian punished and fucked by sadistic selfish dealer Rick. Christian borrowed money and can’t pay it back, and infuriated Rick decides he needs to pay some steep penalties to learn a lesson. Christian’s wrists are tied behind his back with his own shirt and he can’t manage to free himself to run away. Rick strips and shoves his cock into his new slave’s mouth while stuffing a fat dildo up Chris’s ass. Chris in an anal virgin, so getting his anal cherry popped is painful and very humiliating for him. But Rick is just getting him warmed up. He withdraws his slick cock from Christian’s mouth and he slams it up his ass, fucking his hot virgin hole while Christian moans but is helpless and unable to free himself. The scene concludes wildly, with Christian getting his mouth taped and being draggedto the bathroom, where Rick throws him in the tub and pisses on him. Enter here to see more of this wicked hot action between these young bondage studs at

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Sub Christian leans a valuable bondage lesson about always paying your dealer

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Brenn Wyson’s Bondage Revenge

Posted in BDSM, Bondage on August 15th, 2014 by gbladmin

Brenn Wyson opts for revenge over money every time…Blake Daniels gambled and lost with Brenn, and when he didn’t pay up, Brenn come looking for payback of another kind. Blake and his boyfriend Adam had no idea what hit them, and they wake up from inky blackness with no sense of time, in Brenn’s dungeon. Adam and Blake are standing, immobilized in chains, and Brenn takes turns flogging Adam and crushing Blake’s balls while the other is forced to watch, unable to help. Brenn savagely fucks Blake in the ass while Adam is forced to grovel at the feet of Mighty Brenn. Click here to see the full extreme gay dungeon bondage video from

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slave driver Brenn Wyson punishes and fucks two terrified bondage virgins

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