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Bound bitch boy services a hard cock and worships boots

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish on September 28th, 2014 by gbladmin

Terry is in a very uncomfortable predicament. His hands are shackled behind his back and his fate is utterly left to the whims of Adrian. Seeing the handsome straight young man so uncomfortable in the playroom invokes a bit of mercy in Adrian…why not let this young man feel some pleasure and maybe some release, and then he would calm down. Adrian begins wanking Terry’s cock, which to Terry’s horror gets shockingly erect at the touch of a dirty, old perverted man. Adrian keeps fondling Terry’s hard cock while swilling beer, and then decides the sex slave is comfortable enough to begin serious playtime. Adrian gobs beer down Terry’s throat and pushes his own cock down for some deep servicing. When Terry chokes, Adrian pushes his face to the floor so Terry can lick his heavy leather boots and stick his ass out for painful flogging punishment. Adrian keeps cycling through shameful wanking, rough oral, boot worship and flogging, and eventually he’s jacked off Terry and has a handful of the lad’s cum. Terry gets a final humiliating surprise when his cum is fed back to him and he gets to find out how his own load tastes. Click here to watch the full straight humiliation bondage video.

Bound bitch boy services a hard cock and worships boots

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Business men terrorize the copy boy

Posted in Bondage, fetish, Insertions, Public Humiliation on September 27th, 2014 by gbladmin

Dean, Derek and Steve are hotshot traders in a booming hedge-fund office and while the economy goes to shit, the strut around like their shit doesn’t stink because their numbers are up 15% over last year. Are they cooking the books or double dealing? You’ll never find out, because as soon as they get a whiff of you looking at them cross-ways, these bullies in suits will knock you on your ass and take a piss on you. This is a video that they recently shot in the office where they “hazed” the new office runner…this is what these jackals consider harmless fun. After stripping him naked in the office and whipping his backside until its red and turning purple, they tape the fucker’s mouth shut so he can’t scream and shove his nose up each one of their own asscracks so the meek office boy can get a smell of what a real man’s shit is supposed to smell like, ans opposed to some other kind of non-manly shit, but WTF? After that bit of humiliation, the sub if forced to give their shoes a slobbering spitshine with his tongue while they aggressively finger fuck him. Click here to see more of this wildly obnoxious brutal gay BDSM video.

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a gang of suits humiliate and abuse their terrified coworker

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Anal probing for macho footballer

Posted in fetish, Insertions, Public Humiliation on September 26th, 2014 by gbladmin

Star Footballer Jonhas been summoned to the club main office for a special physical examination…Initially put off by the idea, Jon tells the suits to stuff it, but when he realizes he could be jeopardizing his contract and millions of dollars, he hastily retracts his brash statement and complies with management demands. The five club directors strip him naked, swap out his asshole and start probing with their fingers. Jon is fearful and angry: the club owner just stares at his naked body, rubbing his own crotch and stuffing pastry into his gob. Soon, the managers want to see how far Jon’s anus can be stretched, and they stuff a big glass dildo as a stress test. Jon grits his teeth and tries to make it through the perverted session. Enter here to see all of Jon’s twisted kinky mental headfuck at

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Stocky muscular footballer humiliated and probed by five perverts

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Super Hero in Peril: The Moral Keeper faces endless cock torture

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, Edging, fetish, Insertions, Spanking, Uncategorized on September 22nd, 2014 by gbladmin

The Men On Edge series at keeps veering into new territory. After showing off stunning outdoor locations for their edging/bondage videos, they have moved into the realm of sci-fi for what looks to be the foreseeable future with their new “Super Heroes in Peril” series. Van Darkholme is featured as the evil Edgemaster (more in him later) and he has captured young stud Will Parks aka The Moral Keeper for torture, punishment and humiliation. Basically the porn world is going apeshit over the retro/futuristic spaceship bondage set that Kink is rolling out with this scene. Very original Star Trek vibe, and Will is perfect in his spandex costume, his enormous cock standing erect and trying to withstand the teasing and torment inflicted by Van Darkholme. After he’s warmed the hero up with a magic wand, Van unleashed the heavy artillery…he’s got a flashjack mounted on a Fucksall and he gives Will 1000rpm of high intensity friction on his engorged cock. Will is barely able to contain himself and he begs for Van to let him cum, But the Edgemaster has another machine that the Moral Keeper must surviv before he is allowed to release his juice. Van uses another fucking machine to ram Will’s hot hole while he cranks his cock with his fist, finally allowing the frenzied young super hero to dump his huge load of cum all over the spaceship floor. Personally, I give this scene an A grade, but if they are going to use it a lot more, I want to see some more impressive costumes on Van…I think perhaps something more General Zod would be appropriate in this setting. Click here to watch more videos from this intense super hero bondage and edging scene.

Gay Super Hero Peril Bondage

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Public Humiliation Domination Fucking

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, Public Humiliation on September 22nd, 2014 by gbladmin

Straight Hell has been so gracious as to bring back straight twink Dimitri and showcase his nightmarish afternoon with Dom Tops Dave and Mo. The fiendish sadists picked up Dimitri after overhearing the straight lad mouthing off at a Pride Parade, so they lure him into the park and get him bound and on his knees, sucking cock, sniffing ass, and taking hard cock up his virgin hole, all in public view. In the latest clip, Dave and Mo force Dimitri to perform a sloppy rimjob, and Mo penetrates Dimitri again with his raging cock. Enter here to see more hardcore gay BDSM video featuring straight men tortured and punished at!

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Straight twink rough fucked in public park

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Forced Deepthroating & pain bondage…GayWarGames style

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, military fetish on September 21st, 2014 by gbladmin

Gay War Games has released another update to one of my favourite episodes, “Ransom”…Becko and Ivan have snatched a sexy hostage from the gym, and while waiting for the payoff, they decide to amuse themselves with the irresistible lad. Aleksandar has the perfect swimmer’s body: long, lean and smooth and the homo commandos waste no time terrorizing him, spanking him, and in this trailer, they ruthlessly fuck his mouth. Hands cuffed behind his back, Aleksandar has to do his best to pleasure his masters’ cocks, but they keep pushing down his head until he’s gagging, and at one point, they stuff both of their throbbing cocks in his mouth at the same time! Overwhelmed, Aleksandar cannot take any more, so the soldiers throw him on a table top and bind his hands above his head, leaving him helpless while they light candles and start splashing hot wax all over that gorgeous body. Aleksandar’s bondage initiation shows no signs of easing up…I can hardly wait for the next intense gay bondage video installment! Enter here to see more of buff swimmer Aleksandar dominated, bound and facefucked at…

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