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Butcher Scott Tanner brutally whips supple slave Ethan Storm

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, Insertions on October 23rd, 2014 by gbladmin

Scott Tanner is a hard working dude that doesn’t want any extra bullshit in his life, especially not some nancy delivery boy making his day difficult. Feeling frustrated, horny and in the mood for delivering some discipline, Scott strings up Ethan against a cold, oozing slab of been and whips him into submission. Using a spider gag to break his resistance, Ethan fucks the helpless slave’s mouth before humiliating him and berating him, even spitting in his face! Scott takes his time getting Ethan into a full bondage position, binding him tightly with jute twine and pinching his fleshy cock and balls with tight clothespins. Then Scott unveils his favourite toy to use on his slaves…the Fresh Meat Hook, the most amazing tool in the butcher’s toolbox. Its a three-ball anal hook, and Scott works the entire device into Ethan’s gaping hole! Utterly amazing insertion bondage. Watch Ethan Storm’s entire bdsm punishment ordeal at

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Here are some comments from BoundGods members on this video:

Scott has this incredibly sensual quality that really draws you in and makes you want to suffer to make his cock feel good. It’s all the more interesting in that in the interviews, Scott just seems so darn nice you wouldn’t expect he could be a harsh top – but when he gets going his eyes get that sort of cold glaze and you can see him enjoying having his way with the boy. Like when he sped up the fucking when Ethan said it hurt – “you think that hurts? How about THIS” – now that’s how a top should be! Ethan did a really nice job as a new sub, too.

Very hot – great verbal scene and both guys looked really into it. Like some of the others, I also liked the tenderness at the end. Well done!. I agree with some of the others that I would like to see a scene with a top in full BLUF style leather (although I absolutely don’t need to see leather absolutely every week – this scene was just as hot!).

…This site exceeds almost all others, but you could be freakin amazing with just a little more creativity (and no fear of being too graphic….remember it’s PORN). Thanks for reading. Oh and by the way, I do love the toys…don’t lose that. Also loved the cleaning of that cute butt….but again wouldn’t have minded a closeup of the crinkles of his hole…I’m nasty like that!!!

Scott is one hot Manly man! Bring him back – often! And Ethan, for a first timer you did a great job! Favorite parts? Aside from all of it, enema, butt plug(s), chains, iron collar. The tenderness at end was so appropriate!Flogging is same old same old – unless, I’m sure, you’re on the receiving end! Programs are getting to be a bit predictable – not all, but some. Good job all. This one will be one for rewatching and rewatching…

Enter here to see the nasty male/male BDSM video at

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Degraded prisoner dominated by horny cellmate

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Insertions, military fetish on October 22nd, 2014 by gbladmin

Italian hardbody Gianfranco has been through an incredibly punishing ordeal — forced to deepthroat horny mercenaries and getting his anal cherry burst in the back of a truck in the middle of the woods by dominant perverted guerrillas. Now he has been brought to a secret military prison, and forced to undergo a degrading, invasive stripsearch in the face of screamed slurs and insults from his captor. After his search, he is led naked to his cell to await further interrogation. His neighbour bribes the guard for a chance to get a taste of that sweet fresh meat. Gianfranco is chained to his bunk by his new cellmate, while his ass is probed, groped and rimmed out, before the horny brute whips out his huge prick and forces it into Gianfranco’s mouth and fucks him deep. Enter here for more video of shackled Gianfranco getting facefucked by his thuggish cellmate at!

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Degraded prisoner dominated by horny cellmate

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Enter here to see more hot gay bondage video of Italian twink slave Gianfranco getting chained and fucked by his horny cellmate at!

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Gay thug tops brutalize their straight slave

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Insertions on October 19th, 2014 by gbladmin

The thuggish tops at have got their hands on sexy straight lad Harry again. They secure the tough guy in a spread legged bondage, ball gag him and secure him in place with a painful nose hook. Hairy brutal Dave and Colin attach clamps to this nipples and pegs to his genitals. He’s subjected to cruel verbal and physical humiliation and given a hard flogging to terrorize the straight man. To train this whimpering hetero they administer electric shocks to his feet, nipples and balls. A massive dildo is shoved up his asshole before the laughing men shower him with hot streams of their piss. Download the most sadistic BDSM videos of straight men sexually submitting to dominate brutal men at!

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Enter here to see Harry’s horrific Bondage Abduction ordeal

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Macho tops degrade their whimpering slave with hot piss

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Insertions, Public Humiliation on October 18th, 2014 by gbladmin

Actually, degrade isn’t nearly a strong enough word. Words are wasted on this epic new trailer from Brutal Tops. Peter and Errol absolutely dominate their captive, stretching out his anus to catch their piss, boot licking, golden showers, piss drinking…Perhaps the best word to describe it, if there is a single word is contempt. Utter contempt, not just for the twink sub crawling around on knees and elbows at the end of a leash through pools of urine, but for everything we consider proper civilized society. This video demonstrates just how foul and dark their hearts are, and how they know we’re happy to crawl through the gutter with them. Perhaps the Brutal Tops can control and dominate me from so far away, because I am completely entranced by this video and I need to see more. Enter here to see the full video of Peter and Errol aggressively dominating their slave with physical force and psychological brutality.

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Macho tops degrade their whimpering slave with hot piss

Click here to see the full video featuring these cruel sadists humiliating and degrading their grovelling slave at

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Twink Lad abused and anally violated at

Posted in fetish, Public Humiliation on October 17th, 2014 by gbladmin

It’s time to catch up with Dimi at…when we last saw him, he was getting stripped and groped and jeered by three of his professors. Now, the mind games and mental domination continues, as the three old perverts bend over the meek twink and start probing his asshole. Dimi betrays his fearful facade, and his dick starts to grow hard, causing the tormentors to seize upon this vulnerability with fresh ferocity, fucking his virgin asshole with a thick dildo. Dimi has a look of total shock on his face when his ass is penetrated, and his captors continue to torture and jeer him. Enter here to see the full video detailing Dimi’s humiliating ordeal at the hands of his perverted professors.

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brit twik dominated and taught to take a dildo

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Straight Man lured into painful BDSM punishment

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, Public Humiliation, Spanking, Uncategorized on October 17th, 2014 by gbladmin

Sorry for the delay adding this week’s Straight Hell update, but OMG, I became obsessed with the latest victim, and I lost all track of time watching and rewatching his seduction, capture and torment. Straight Hell top Dave went out on the street posing as a photographer searching for male models. After spying Terry and seeing what a narcissistic young muscle stud he was, all Dave had to do was ply him with a few cheap compliments on his body and his clothes, and the dim hottie was on the hook thinking he was about to become the next Beckham. After getting back to the studio and playing up the fantasy of really conducting a photo shoot, Dave ropes his prey and stuffs a gag in his mouth before ripping the clothes of his back. Terry struggles mightily but cannot break free as Dave caresses hi flesh, twists his nipples to the extreme and sucks off the sub’s long cock. Dave attacks Terry with the flogger, whipping him like a wild animal, leaving him terrified at what the crazy tosser is going to do next! Enter here to see more video of petrified Terry wracked with pain in this horny new gay bdsm scene!

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Enter here to see more video of buff Brit stud Terry rope bound, flogged and fucked at!

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