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Extreme caning pain and bondage fucking

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Insertions, Spanking on June 25th, 2014 by gbladmin

It’s time for our weekly fix, and I want to publicly declare that I fucking love Master Adrian and I could watch him do horrible, painful things to young, muscular men all day long. He’s a sadistic fucking animal…no better way to describe him. Although he’s not all brute force. Lots of cunning there too. As always, he’s incredibly fucking intense. This trailer picks up the action of his encounter with snotty brat Kristjan, roped into a kneeling position, ass in the air, and Adrian is whipping him with a cane. Watch the welting and the bruising live! Adrian is ferocious with his cane and leather strap, and Kristjan has tears streaming from his eyes. Adrian gives him a temporary break from the pain, only to jam four fingers up the straight lad’s asshole! Finger fukcing him is just a warmup to a hot fuck with a glass dildo, and then the main event: Adrian mounts the lad and fucks the shit out of him while he’s bound in rope. It’s raw, intense and savage. Click here to watch the full video of theis hot, strange, intense gay bondage spectacle!

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brutal gay bondage punishment and fucking

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Straight Hell: Nicholas’ terrifying BDSM conclusion

Posted in BDSM, Bondage on June 25th, 2014 by gbladmin

Nicholas’ luck keeps getting worse…after his abduction off the street by Dave and Reuben, and the public abuse and fucking, bdsm and psychological terrorism, Nicholas ends up in a barn, far off the beaten track and away from public eyes. Nick realizes how much worse his situation is, now that there is no chance a passerby will come to his aid. Forced to hi knees, Nicholas recoils from the gut-wrenching pain when Dave stabs his fingers into his rectum and roughly probes him. Piling more humiliation on him, Dave and Reuben defile his naked body, scribbling graffiti all over his skin with permanent marker before forcing him to lick out their assholes, suck their cocks and sniff their armpits. Nicholas gets slapped around and finally the dom tops reach their apex, pissing in Nicholas’ mouth and forcing him to drink every drop. Terrified and shivering, Nicholas is finally released and flees his sadistic, brutal captors. Enter here to see the entire Straight Man Terror BDSM video at

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Enter here to see Nicholas’ terrifying bondage ordeal from start to finish

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Handsome Terry whipped, gagged and strung up

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, Public Humiliation on June 24th, 2014 by gbladmin

Aspiring male model Terry is being put through an agonizing BDSM regimen by his sadistic master, Dave. Terry is hung by the wrists and gagged, and Dave applies incredible force to his nipples with some nasty vises, causing Tery to cry out in horrible pain from under his ball gag. Dave has also snapped several strong clips onto Terry’s dick and balls and run a strap tying off the head off Terry’s cock to his toes. Terry is in pure agony, as his penis is stretched to the limit and the strap feels like its going to cut the head of his cock right off. Dave screams abuse in his face and starts whipping his backside until welts are growing from Terry’s white skin. Finally Dave releases him from the torturous suspension, but only substitutes humiliation for pain: Terry must drink Dave’s piss until he gags. it’s lights out BDSM and humiliation, done the way Straight Hell does it best; Enter here to see this raw, unnerving gay BDSM video featuring Terry in extreme suspension position and forced to drink piss at!

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extreme gay bdsm suspension and CBT

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Gays in gas masks stuff their friend in vacuum bed

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish on June 21st, 2014 by gbladmin

Love breathplay about as much as you love wild unleashed gay sex? Then this free vid is what you are going to enjoy, my word! The three teen kinks starring in it have got two gas masks and a huge vacuum bed to play with – and they are going to use all this kinky paraphernalia to the fullest extent! Watch two of them put the masks on and stuff the third one into the huge rubber sack that sticks to his skin so tight when the air is pumped out of it: Wonder what they do it for? Just to fuck like a couple of crazy rabbits right on top of him!

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Drowned Twink won’t confess to captors

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, military fetish on June 20th, 2014 by gbladmin

Great news from the rebel front in Tchukistan! The tide might be turning after popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia. Surely the freedom fighters in this small breakaway republic must also be close to grasping victory! Maybe freedom would be a little closer if the soldiers weren’t preoccupied with fucking every piece of twink ass that crosses their path. Guerrilla fighters Mecko and Ivan have been keeping a spoil of war as their personal pet and slave for the last year. He’s docile and accommodating, but after a day or two in the trenches, the soldiers come home full of aggression and rage, and Goran is the perfect outlet for their perverted sadistic impulses. Check the video for water bondage, hard forced oral and lots of vicious verbal abuse. Click here to see the hot gay military bondage video in full!

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House Slave Goran tied, abused and face-fucked

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New Dom in Training: Drew Cutler tops pain slut Gianni Luca

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish on June 19th, 2014 by gbladmin

Van Darkholme has a new student eager to learn the art of pain and punishment. Drew Cutler submits to Van in order to learn his gay bondage secrets, and Van happily accepts his submission, tying him up and working him over, fondling his cock, and flogging his chest and back. Drew succeeds in processing the ain, and ears an opportunity to show what he has learned. BoundGods fave Gianni Luca is presented to him and Drew starts the punishment with the flogger. Unsure at first, but growing more confident with each lash, Drew is hot and rough with the whip, and bound Gianni cries out in pain at each stinging lash. Drew barks orders in his incredibly sexy, husky voice, and Gianni gets stretched on the rack and Drew plunges his huge throbbing dick into his slave’s helpless ass. The fucking is hot and the bodage is sizzling and raw from the first-time dom. Enter here to see more video of Drew Cutler bound and punished in dom training and his first session disciplining painpig Gianni Luca!

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Click here for more video of Drew’s painful training session and his first punishment session with sexy Gianni!

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