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Gianni Luca punished and dominated at

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Public Humiliation on July 4th, 2014 by gbladmin

Gianni Luca is bound and taken to Helios Resort in Palm Springs. People are hanging out by the pool and Gianni is begging to be groped and used by all. Cole Streets humiliates Gianni by shoving his big foot in the boy’s mouth. As a reward, Gianni gets a hot load from one of the guests. Still in bondage, Gianni is tossed in the pool. There are guys around for safety purposes of course. Gianni is made to suck cocks underwater. The rowdy guys drag him out of the pool and flog his ass. They take turns fucking him while everyone watches. Enter here to see more video of this intense public gay bondage orgy at!

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slave Gianni services loads of horny guys at a beach resort

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Peeping tom turned into bondage victim

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish on July 2nd, 2014 by gbladmin

Patrick Hunt is a skinny little scrub who gets his rocks off breaking into apartments late at night and jacking off to stolen dirty underwear. On this night, feeling cocky and reckless, he decides to stay and get a taste of real flesh during one of his burglaries. He chloroforms the muscular stud slumbering in bed, and then restrains him with duct tape, and starts indulging his sick little fantasies. Patrick is obsessed with licking his captive’s asshole, and while he’s rimming like a fiend, the slumbering bodybuilder, Parker London, awakes in a rage and breaks free. Now its his turn to punish and abuse the much smaller, weaker Patrick. Parker has a chest full of ropes and bondage toys, and he trusses up Patrick like a skinny chicken, and whips him with a leather flogger and then fucks him like a maniac. Parker humiliates his victim, making him feel like a lowlife, a real worm. This is the debut performance on BoundGods for both men, make sure you check out the full video here.

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peeping tom turned into bondage victim

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GayWarGames — New Trailer released — “Psycho Doctor pt 3″

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, military fetish, Spanking on July 1st, 2014 by gbladmin

More punishment on order from the crazies at GayWarGames, who have released a new promo trailer from one of their great group punishment videos “The Psycho Doctor.” A pair of twinks have been captured and taken back to the soldiers makeshift camp and are interrogated for information. The soldiers hope for resistance, because they want most of all is a chance to satisfy their lust for man-flesh. Despite the protests of the twink prisoners, the soldiers strip them, force their cocks into their mouths, finger their assholes, and heap copious amounts of abuse on them. The cruel finale to the trailer features the twinks with their mouths pried open and the soldiers gleefully spraying piss all over the helpless twink slaves. Truly sick punishment, humiliation and pain: a bdsm lover’s delight! Enter here to see the full Twink BDSM punishment video

More trailers from this set, courtesy of our friends at
Part 2: Bound twinks suspended and face-fucked
Part 1: Drunk Twinks abducted and abused by the GayWarGames queer commandos

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twinks subjected to cruel treatment by their crazy doctor

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From hot wax torture to heartless anal domination

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish on June 30th, 2014 by gbladmin

Yes, the master starring in this episode of perverted gay domination is a real artist – though an artist that uses hot wax and the smooth skin on his boy toy’s back instead of paints and canvas. He creates his masterpiece of lust, pain and humiliation while plowing the lad’s squelching asshole non-stop – and it makes the process of creation even more exciting! Don’t miss your opportunity to admire his kinky artwork in this free vid – you are guaranteed to love it so much that it will make you cum!

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Public bathroom Bondage ambush

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, Insertions, Public Humiliation on June 30th, 2014 by gbladmin

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Branden Forest will never learn from his experiences cruising for sex in public bathrooms. Or maybe his misadventures getting snatched, roped and gang-fucked by a horde of slobbering gay beasts awoke something dark and perverted inside him. He’s searching for that rush, that freefall into the darkest, dehumanized place that exists when you are the fuck hole and cum rag for a half dozen horny gay brutes aching to fuck every hole and drench every inch of your flesh in cum. Branden and fellow cruiser Mike J are pounced on in a well know San Fran cruising spot, and the mob, led by Christian Wilde strips them, handgags Branden and makes both of then suck every cock in the room. Branden gets roped to a urinal and Mike fucks him first, although he is roped like a crab and hoisted cock first into Branden’s ass. Then everyone takes their turn fucking his gaping asshole before turning his face into a huge bukakke cumbath. Click here to watch this unforgettable gay bondage bukakke gangbang video in HD!

gloryhole fags ambushed and abused and fucked by gay mob

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Russian Twink — Bondage Sexy Time

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Spanking on June 29th, 2014 by gbladmin

Hulking young Russian thug Leo was cruising around his neighbourhood, looking for fresh boys to pick up and take back to his place for some hot, rough sex. He saw Tyler and he knew he was on to something special. The lad has a gorgeous face and a smooth, lithe body, perfect for an 18 year old. But Tyler showed off his bad attitude, sneering at Leo that he doesn’t fuck fags…Leo drives away, feeling rejected and angry and vowing to return. He does…wearing a ski mask he wrestles Tyler into the car and takes him to a deserted garage and chains him to the wall. There is no escape and Tyler is about to learn the folly of spurning Leo’s advances. Stripping the twink naked, Leo fixates on Tyler’s nipples, twisting them and pinching them until Tyler is almost crying and hopping up and down. He punches Tyler in the gut, slaps him in the face and smacks his cock around. Tyler is crying and trying to plead for his freedom under the gag, but Leo starts beating his ass and the soles of his feet with a stick. Tyler is terrified of what’s coming next! Enter here to see the full video of this sexy Russian twink getting manhandled and tortured.

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horny twink bound and tortured

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