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Straight street thug bound and machine fucked in the ass

Posted in BDSM, Bears and Daddies, Bondage, Insertions on October 16th, 2014 by gbladmin

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and apologies for keeping this trailer to myself, but I felt a little selfish and I wanted to keep this just for me for the weekend. We are catching up with Lee, the skinhead gang leader that Adrian and Dave from StraightHell caught in their web for some delicious punishment and payback. The dom tops have shifted Lee onto a wrestling mat, and they have him completely bound with thick leather belts. His muscles bulge as he tries to get away, but he’s trapped. Dave whips out his cock and starts fucking the hate-spweing imbecile in his filthy mouth. Adrian concentrates his efforts on Lee’s chery asshole, probing him with muscular fingers before getting his own hard dick in there. But that’s just setting the table for Adrian’s favourite tool of humiliation and anal destruction, the fucksaw. Lee screams like a bitch while Adrian uses the massive tool at high RPM to turn his tight ass into quivering jelly. Why are you still readin this? Watch the trailer and then check out the full video at

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straight street thug bound and machine fucked in the ass

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Straight Jock broken and battered at Straight Hell

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, Insertions, Spanking on October 15th, 2014 by gbladmin

StraightHell top Dave loves meeting new innocent straight men. Hanging out a bar he notices Vasia, a young brown-eyed beauty who is new the country and naïve as fuck. He buys him a drink and invites him to join him for a game of pool. Out of the public eye, Dave quickly up the stakes of their game, overpowers Vasia and rips the clothes off him until he’s completely naked. Vasia angrily fights back, but Dave overpowers him while smacking the horny lad around and groping him. Dave clamps the straight lad’s nipples, thrashes him with a flogger and brutally fingerfucks his virgin ass. He then fills the howling boy’s hole with a dildo. Download horny new gay S&M videos from StraightHell! Enter here to see more video of Vasia getting abused and dominated at!

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Hogtied CBT Revenge

Posted in BDSM, Bears and Daddies, Bondage, Insertions, Public Humiliation on October 10th, 2014 by gbladmin

Just enjoy the intensity of this trailer. Watch it 50 times. Straight Hell is bringing it, and in my opinion has never been better that this series featuring Danny and sadistic Adrian. Recap: Adrian hired Danny for a plumbing job, but when he caught Danny sniffing his daughter’s used panties in the laundry basket, all hell broke loose. Now Adrian has Danny tied in a backbreaking hogtie with the panties over his head and tape blindfolding him. Adrian continues to threaten and insult Danny, and he shoves a vibrator up his ass to get him loosened up. From there, Adrian produces a cattle prod and he proceeds to electrify Danny’s balls and taint mercilessly. Danny is crying out in agony, but Adrian is relentless. It’s fucking tense and brilliant gay BDSM video. Click here to catch up on previous chapters and to watch the whole thing, uncut in HD.

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bound and gagged slave gets his genitals abused

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So everyone is doing Parody Porn now…

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Insertions on October 2nd, 2014 by gbladmin

Yes parody porn has reached even my beloved perverts at Straight Hell…read this carefully, or the clip below will confuse you, although it will still arouse the hell out of you. This clip introduces Billy, a young fitness entrepreneur. He’s trying to impress Adrian and Dave, stoic investors on the cleverly titled “Bragon’s Ben”. Of course, his demonstration is interrupted and instead of hearing his pitch on a new kind of rowing machine, Dave and Adrian lock him in manacles and tether him to the floor. Shocked, the fit young soccer player tries to fight his way free, shouting and cursing at the perverted sodomites. Laughing, they cut off his clothes with scissors and stuff his underwear into his mouth to gag him. Dave and Adrian whip his ass to a raw pulp with a leather flogger and then they take turns fucking him bareback in his virgin ass until they spray him with their hot cum. Billy is actually crying from the pain and humiliation of getting his ass fucked for the first time, and presumably not by being tricked by the lowest rent “millionaire investor” reality gameshow knockoff ever. Enter here to see Billy’s excruciating full gay bondage and anal fucking debut video.

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young hetero stud manacled and tortured by sadistic gays

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StraightHell Dom Thugs terrorize sad tosser

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Public Humiliation on October 1st, 2014 by gbladmin

About fucking time! StraightHell roars back from their winter break with a brand new trailer featuring blue collar brute Danny, called in to fix a pipe at Adrian’s house. But Danny is sloppy and gets caught admiring Adrian’s daughter’s panties in the laundry bin. Adrian goes ballistic on Danny, shoving a ball gag in his mouth, stripping him naked and roping his wrists and ankles so he’s helpless in a spread eagle position. Adrian then calls his mates who are eager to punish the perverted plumber. Out come the clothespegs, and over a dozen get clamped onto Danny’s throbbing cock and ballsack. While the lads have a go at torturing his nipples, Adrian rams his hard cock up Danny’s virgin asshole dry. Danny’s eyes bug out with pain and he fights to scream through the gag. The party gets crazier as the mob of perverts start jeering him for being such a pussy, hurling insults and scrawling hateful graffiti all over Danny’s naked body. Adrian pulls out his filthy cock and blasts a load of cum all over Danny’s head, but obviously there is still unfinished business here. Look for more trailers in the upcoming weeks, or login to to see the full video of Danny’s hazing and brutal fucking!

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Terrified straight man Danny bound, gagged and fucked

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Public Humiliation Domination Fucking

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, Public Humiliation on September 22nd, 2014 by gbladmin

Straight Hell has been so gracious as to bring back straight twink Dimitri and showcase his nightmarish afternoon with Dom Tops Dave and Mo. The fiendish sadists picked up Dimitri after overhearing the straight lad mouthing off at a Pride Parade, so they lure him into the park and get him bound and on his knees, sucking cock, sniffing ass, and taking hard cock up his virgin hole, all in public view. In the latest clip, Dave and Mo force Dimitri to perform a sloppy rimjob, and Mo penetrates Dimitri again with his raging cock. Enter here to see more hardcore gay BDSM video featuring straight men tortured and punished at!

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Straight twink rough fucked in public park

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