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Horny Gym Rat gets roped and tortured

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish, Public Humiliation on September 15th, 2014 by gbladmin

Going to the gym is a great way to meet new people. Reuben is a bit twisted in his thinking however, and he sees a hot straight man working out on the station next to him, and he thinks he’s in love. Resorting to trickery to get his affection’s attention, Reuben slips a tablet into his water bottle, putting the muscled stranger to sleep. Reuben ropes him up and spits in his face to wake him up. Todd, the gym rat curses him and thrashes around against the ropes tying him to the gym machine, but he can’t free himself. Reuben turns angry after his crush rebukes him, and resorts to painful retaliation…clamps on the nipples and balls, a dirty sock gagging Todd’s mouth, a savage whipping across the chest, thighs and genitals. Todd is livid with pain, but its just the beginning for him and the journey is going to get much more painful and terrifying. Enter here to see more hardcore gay BDSM video featuring straight men tortured and punished at!

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Gym Rat Todd gets tied, taped and tortured

Click here to see more video of horny gym rat Todd getting roped and tortured at

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Extreme BDSM torture clip!

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, fetish on September 14th, 2014 by gbladmin

OMG — what a fucking savage video! This is the latest trailer released by Straight Hell featuring Nicholas who is having the worst day of his life. After being dragged away from his girlfriend and having to orally service his brutal masters, Nick has to face his greatest fears: he is tormented with insects and that causes him to freak the fuck OUT! while he is still panicking over the bugs on his flesh, he is savagely whipped and his ass and genitals are rubbed raw with stinging nettles! This is thebest, most excruciating clip I have ssen from SH so far! Enter here to see the entire BDSM torture video!

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Enter here to see the entire BDSM torture video!

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Alpha male Spencer Reed fucks a slew of dudes in greasy oil bondage scene

Posted in BDSM, Bears and Daddies, Bondage, fetish on September 13th, 2014 by gbladmin

Big things have been promised at Bound In Public for the rest of the Summer, and it’s always one of my favourite sites leading into the Folsom Street Fair in September. I guess it’s been a while since I posted a video of one of their bondage orgies, but as you know, if it features Spencer Reed, I’ll pretty much drop everything to post it. Spencer is the big Alpha strutting around the Kinkmen HQ these days, and in this video, although Jake Steel is technically the bottom bitch, Spencer practically has a harem of dudes following him around and ready to submit to his heavy hand. The video opens with some tight device bondage: Jake is locked into a vertical stock, and Spencer grasps his head in his bear-like grip to ensure he can’t move an inch, while Jake’s wrists are tied but his hands are left free so he can stroke a few cocks to earn some favour with his masters. Van Darkholme appears and gets the crowd into a frenzy, whipping Jake with a leather flogger, before Spencer tosses him onto an oil-soaked mat with the rest of his slave sluts and they become a writhing mass of naked, oiled bodies, Jake roped at the wrists and at the center, getting his hole plugged by cock after cock before he’s sprayed with torrents of cum. Click here to see the full raunchy gay bondage orgy video.

alpha male Spencer Reed fucks a slew of dudes in greasy oil bondage scene

Enter here to see more video of Spencer Reed punishing and fucking his grovelling sex slaves.

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Masterful Brenn Wyson punishes and fucks 2 twink subs

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, Insertions, Spanking on September 11th, 2014 by gbladmin

The kinky bastards at BoundGods have just released a fresh update today, this one was taken from a lve shoot done a few weeks ago in San Francisco, and its a breathtaking male bondage masterpiece. I saw it live, and it was unbelievable how much punishment the two slender subs Dylan and Josh absorbed. It was well over 100 degrees on the day of the shoot, and everyone participating was sweating their asses off. Daddy Brenn and Van darkholme worked both of these bitch-boys over with floggers and single tail whips until it was time for Brenn to tap those asses. The ultra-intense Wyson roughly fucked both Josh and Dylan while Darkholme kept up the punishment with the whip. Like I said, to original live show was phenomenal, if you didn’t see it, its totally worth your time to check out the polished recap version. One of the best male bondage shoots of the year! Enter here to see more hot video footage of Brenn topping suffering subs Josh and Dylan.

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What are other BoundGods members saying about this male bondage video?

Yeay! Two totally natural subs (I always love dylan, and am thrilled to see josh back again) and Brenn Wyson (gorgeous, threatening, masterful . . . what’s not to love?!) Happy happy me :)

Wow and then some! This is by far one of the best shoots recently. I’m not a fan of a lot of the recent videos but I get it; we all have different tastes. I’m generally not compelled to write but this shoot is by far the hottest so far in my opinion! 2 eager slaves, hot flogging, and a flog/fuck scene like I’ve never viewed before. Have to say, I’m looking forward to trying some of that with some sub bois I know! Great shoot, great acting, great pain. Too many sites have “pretend” discipline. I’m been a Dom and sub – you can tell by the noise how real it is. WOOF!!!!

Wow. this was great! Brenn is a really aggressive Dom but you just can’t help wanting him to make them suffer.Dylan and Josh were fantastic and took everything well and Kudos to Van for keeping a close eye on them throughout. The hanging poses were awesome and as ever the single tail was superb. Brenn bottoming for Van? Could you really keep him in check? ‘Bring it on Van’…sounds like a challenge to me!

THEY did GREAT for a LIVE shoot. LOVED BRENDAN topping……and holding him to his question at end to BOTTOM in future!!!! DYLAN was a PAIN PIG and nearly FAINTED…..he gave it his all!!!! LOVED seeing JOSH’s nipples stretch to the MAX!!! Can see VAN goes ALL out for his SESSIONS and concerned for his models WELFARE…..i RESPECT that thoroughlly!!!

Enter here to see more video of these fresh twinks painfully punished and fucked raw!

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GayWarGames — New Trailer released — “Psycho Doctor pt 3″

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, military fetish, Spanking on September 9th, 2014 by gbladmin

More punishment on order from the crazies at GayWarGames, who have released a new promo trailer from one of their great group punishment videos “The Psycho Doctor.” A pair of twinks have been captured and taken back to the soldiers makeshift camp and are interrogated for information. The soldiers hope for resistance, because they want most of all is a chance to satisfy their lust for man-flesh. Despite the protests of the twink prisoners, the soldiers strip them, force their cocks into their mouths, finger their assholes, and heap copious amounts of abuse on them. The cruel finale to the trailer features the twinks with their mouths pried open and the soldiers gleefully spraying piss all over the helpless twink slaves. Truly sick punishment, humiliation and pain: a bdsm lover’s delight! Enter here to see the full Twink BDSM punishment video

More trailers from this set, courtesy of our friends at
Part 2: Bound twinks suspended and face-fucked
Part 1: Drunk Twinks abducted and abused by the GayWarGames queer commandos

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twinks subjected to cruel treatment by their crazy doctor

Enter here to see the full twink BDSM punishment video

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Handsome Terry whipped, gagged and strung up

Posted in BDSM, Bondage, Public Humiliation on September 7th, 2014 by gbladmin

Aspiring male model Terry is being put through an agonizing BDSM regimen by his sadistic master, Dave. Terry is hung by the wrists and gagged, and Dave applies incredible force to his nipples with some nasty vises, causing Tery to cry out in horrible pain from under his ball gag. Dave has also snapped several strong clips onto Terry’s dick and balls and run a strap tying off the head off Terry’s cock to his toes. Terry is in pure agony, as his penis is stretched to the limit and the strap feels like its going to cut the head of his cock right off. Dave screams abuse in his face and starts whipping his backside until welts are growing from Terry’s white skin. Finally Dave releases him from the torturous suspension, but only substitutes humiliation for pain: Terry must drink Dave’s piss until he gags. it’s lights out BDSM and humiliation, done the way Straight Hell does it best; Enter here to see this raw, unnerving gay BDSM video featuring Terry in extreme suspension position and forced to drink piss at!

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extreme gay bdsm suspension and CBT

Previous posts featuring Terry’s gay BDSM ordeal:
Englishman roped, choked and assfucked at
Straight Man lured into painful BDSM punishment

Enter here to see straight Terry’s painful and humiliating gay BDSM punishment at

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