Anal probing for macho footballer

Star Footballer Jon has been summoned to the club main office for a special physical examination…Initially put off by the idea, Jon tells the suits to stuff it, but when he realizes he could be jeopardizing his contract and millions of dollars, he hastily retracts his brash statement and complies with management demands. The five club directors strip him naked, swap out his asshole and start probing with their fingers. Jon is fearful and angry: the club owner just stares at his naked body, rubbing his own crotch and stuffing pastry into his gob. Soon, the managers want to see how far Jon’s anus can be stretched, and they stuff a big glass dildo as a stress test. Jon grits his teeth and tries to make it through the perverted session. Enter here to see all of Jon’s twisted kinky mental headfuck at

Stocky muscular footballer humiliated and probed by five perverts

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