Blue collar sadists abuse and humiliate their slave

Nick and Lee are total shits when it comes to breaking in a new guy on the construction site. They give every newbie shit, and today, they go overboard to an absurd degree. They strip the new guy naked, take turns paddling his ass, drag him around by a leash, force him to rim them out and lick their sweaty armpits, and slurp up gob after gob of slimy spit. Nick and Lee are beyond perverted, or even deranged. The insane amount of glee they experience at the humiliation and agony of their slave is horrifying and sickening. Of course, I rewatched this trailer about 30 times before posting it and I am going to spend the whole afternoon watching these sick fucks dominate and punish their helpless bondage plaything. Click here to see these blue collar sadists punishing and humiliating their victim in full length HD video!

rough blue collar sadists abuse and humiliate their slave

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