Body Builder squirms during caning punishment

I normally don’t post straight up corporal punishment videos on this site, but this one was so awesome I couldn’t resist. John is a Jersey-shore style straight dude who was in need of cash when he answered an ad looking for straight guys to shoot spanking videos. John figured it would be easy money, since he’s muscle-bound and any spanking would just roll off him and it would be an easy payday. But he did not anticipate the sharp, stinging pain of a simple rattan cane, and it nearly drives him into hysterics! He tries to bat the cane away, he tries to protect his balls, he tries to shield his ass…what a misbehaving sub! He definitely needs to be taught some hard lessons on obedience and respect for authority. I certainly hope I see more of him and his hot muscular body. Click here to see the full video of crybaby John trying to squirm away from his agonizing punishment.

musclebound john cries about corporal punishment

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