Bonus Edging Video: Marc Dylan tortured in so many ways…

So Men On Edge is so great so far, I thought I would give you a second dose to keep your interest piqued…and believe me, Marc Dylan is by far the stand out on the site so far. I was chatting with a rep from yesterday and he told me that they were getting overwhelmed by the response to Marc’s video and his incredible edging torment. First off, the muscular hunk is not only disarmingly handsome with a brilliant smile, he has the body of an action movie star: rolling biceps, chiseled abs and an enormous cock…he’s the total package and more. In the first scene of the video, his arms are roped to a sawhorse and he’s blindfolded, his clothes are cut off and Van Darkholme gets his cock nice and hard. He’s brought to the brink of ejaculation but denied the release, the first of many such frustrations for the day. His muscles flex as he tries to reach his cock to stroke it, but instead he gets flogged, suspended and caned. Van hogties him and fucks his ass with a dildo, still stimulating his cock but never allowing his the pleasure of release. He is finally laid out and restrained in rope, and the edging is extreme. His cock is stroked and toyed with until he’s begging to cum but always denied. When he is finally given permission, he floods his cut abs with a huge puddle of cum. Click here to watch another great hardcore edging and ejaculation denial video from MenOn

Beautiful Marcus Dylan tortured in so many ways

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