Bound Gods visit Steamworks

Bound Gods took their cameras to Leather Weekend in Chicago a few months back and set up shop in the famous SteamWorks Bathhouse to catch Derek Pain working out and getting worked over by Nick Moretti, Van Darkholme and company. This video teaser shows Derek showcasing his amazing physique in the shower, and jacking his hard cock in the sauna. Our four slavedrivers arrive in masks and boots to tame the beast, binding him and blindfolding him with duct tape and razing his flesh with a single tail whip. Derek struggles to free himself, but the gang of four overwhelm him and subdue him by dunking him in the pool – great footage for lovers of underwater fetish play. Derek sucks Nick’s hot throbbing cock before the video cuts to the slave masters turning on one another — Nick and Tommy Defendi restrain Drake Jaden and double team him with whips before taking turns fucking his tight ass. Check out the full video to see them both cum all over Drake’s shaved head. Super hot! See the full video of Derek Pain getting pummeled by four sadistic maniacs at!

Here are some comments from BoundGods members on this video:

Great shoot. Derek suffered so beautifully. I like his nervous jump and worried look when hearing the single tail crack in the air. Van and Nick really laid into him, especally Van. He was really showing his mean streak in this shoot. Those kicks were really good. I’m really not a fan of rubber boots or gas masks, but I understand there are other members who are into those. It doesn’t affect my rating because there are enough elements that I do enjoy.

Awesome, out of words. Loved it !!! Tommy is looking even better =D

Thank you for the underwater play! It was fantastic. I started to wonder if you had forgotten your underwater fans but again you have come through for us. THANK YOU! We hope to see more underwater scenes in the future!

Great to see Derek Pain getting whipped with the single tail whip – he should have got fucked too though!


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