Breederfuckers Forced Oral & Hard Sex


BreederFuckers’ Adrian couldn’t get enough of big black buck Kirk the first time around, so he snatched the straight jock again and dragged him to a locker room for more homo bondage indoctrination. The restraint setup is deceptively simple: Adrian ropes Kirk’s balls and shaft tightly and runs a line down to each of his feet, tying off his toes. Kirk is forced to remain bent over lest he yank his own genitals off. Adrian keeps him on a leash as well: Kirk’s hands are roped behind his back and tied off to another line looped around a ceiling beam. A ball gag finishes off the restraints and keeps Kirk suffering in silence until Adrian is ready to make his offer to the quivering biracial stud. The deal is simple: Kirk’s hetero ass is getting fucked whether he like it or not, it’s up to him to mitigate the pain. Adrian removes the gag and shoves his erection in Kirk’s face. “Lube it up as best as you can, or your arse is going to get torn up.” Adrian forces his cock down Kirk’s throat, face-fucking him past the gag reflex until Kirk is a choking, slobbering teary mess. Sadistic Adrian is satisfied with the foreplay and pushes his cock deep into Kirk’s ass, working his spit-lubed member in and out roughly and violently while Kirk remains pacified from the front by a robotic fucking machine set to keep fucking his face. Adrian finally shoots his load all over Kirk’s hairy ass crack, giving the boy a temporary respite while his sadistic captor regroups and reorganizes. Click here to watch Adrian savagely fuck bound and helpless Kirk at Breederfuckers!


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