BreederFuckers Will gets CBT, Hard Caning & Rough Fucksaw


Will’s ordeal at BreederFruckers is hitting its crescendo — he’s been transitioned to a hospital bed and Dave and Adrian are playing at being physicians studying him like a test subject. They’ve already been all over every inch of him, inside and out, but now they are treating him like a medical subject, very reminiscent of CMNM, fondling and weighing his balls, stretching and sniffing his dick etc, but then it gets very BreederFuckers. Will’s long cock gets the chopstick-and-rubber band treatment, and it looks so painful as his poor cock is bulging between its rigid restraints. Next, Dave puts Will’s big heavy balls in a vise-style ballcrusher and squeezes them down until they are mushed and throbbing and Will is crying for mercy. Dave and Adrian are in no such mood, and the chatty bastards continue to torture Will’s flaccid cock with clothespins. They yank Will’s legs over his head and get him ready for some very intrusive anal penetration with a dildo mounted on a fucksaw and Dave can’t help himself — when he sees Will’s tender and vulnerable buttocks, he has to whip them mercilessly with his cane. I wrote a longer piece on Will’s enslavement as a medical test subject and included a trailer at my BreederFuckers Blog, but if you want to skip right to the action and watch Dave and Adrian gleefully torture and sodomize this broken beauty, click here for BreederFuckers.





Will’s Torture is BreederFuckers’ 500th gay bondage scene; Watch it and the previous 499 male BDSM videos here!