Buff Jock overpowered by Gay War Games Soldiers

Finally! GayWarGames releases new footage from “The Redneck” featuring straight jock Marko overpowered and abused by the ruthless Gay War Games commandos. After capturing the sleeping hottie, Mecko and Ivan strip Marko naked and lead him into the woods and handcuff him to an old fence. Ivan unleashes a torrentof abuse on Marko, spitting in his face, slapping him, and forcing his swollen cock down Marko’s gagging throat. Marko thrashes around but can’t get away, and soon both soldiers are taking turns fucking his mouth with their hard dicks. Ivan is also paying close attention to Marko’s big fat cock after jerking him off in the previous episode, and he is getting ready to inflict some serious pain an Marko’s defenseless penis. Enter the Gay War Games tour to access Marko’s full punishment video!

See the first trailer from this set:
Gay War Games — More brutal BDSM from the front lines

Country Boy handcuffed and gagged with cock

Enter here to see Marko’s forced oral bondage punishment!

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