Caged Lad gets Whipped Hard

Birthday Boy Daniel has been having quite the ordeal for his 21st. He’s been locked up and abused; cruelly tortured and molested. Now he finds himself locked in a cage filled with fear and waiting for what his demented captors have in store for him. He is still clad in his lime green underwear which only seems to signal “go go GO” to the monsters holding him hostage. After hours of lockup, they pull him out of the cage and lay him down on a spanking bench and lock in his wrists and ankles. Helpless and immobilized, Daniel feels the creeping fingers over his ass…his prized underwear is cut off, exposing his hairy asscrack. After his captor feels the flesh a bit more, Daniel is subjected to a very hard spanking with a narrow leather lash. Each crack of the leather across his buttock jolts him and he tries to stifle his screams. Finally the torturer takes a break and the pain starts to subside, but the dread creeps back in as the meaty hand returns to strat probing his virginal straight asshole. Click here to watch Daniel’s entire captivity and Bondage punishment series at


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