Christian Wilde Tortures his date on the Rack

Bound Gods Super star Christian Wilde has made a habit out of meeting unsuspecting fresh meat on hookup apps like Grindr and Recon, baiting them with a sexy pic and luring them to his bondage workshop. Max Woods is the latest to take the bait and he arrives at a warehouse in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night. He knocks on Christian’s door and finds himself face to face with the intense stud himself. Seeing all of Christian’s favourite tools and toys spread out, Max gets a creepy vibe and tries to leave, but you don’t turn your back on Mr. Wilde.


Max gets roped to a ladder and stripped naked. Christian works him over with a riding crop, stinging Max’s lean torso with the leather head and then spanks the hell out of Max’s thick, erect cock. Christian likes to see boys filled with fear who can still get hard and he rewards Max by letting him take the Master’s throbbing prick in his mouth. Max eagerly sucks off Christian to prove his worth to his new master. Christian wants Max to feel the electrifying pain of his flogger so he gets Max off the ladder and stands him up with his arms roped in the air. He flogs Max across the back, chest and ass until his flesh is red. Max is panting and trying not to beg for mercy to show Christian what a strong slave he is, and Christian finally rewards him with more dick. He fucks Max’s hole and then spreads him on the torture rack. Jolts of electricity course through Max’s body as Christian mounts his face and fucks his throat. Christian finally unloads on Max’s face and tosses his used up slave into the street like a wad of old gum. Max is so horny, he jerks off in the alley and he fantasizes about getting another call from Master Christian. Click here to watch Christian Wilde painfully punish and aggressively fuck his horny new slave at


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