Criminal wannabe gets a severe flogging punishment

StraightHell strongmen Adrian and Dave happened to be wandering through a strange part of town looking for a warehouse they were interested in renting when they managed to get a little lost. Like any sensible person, they look at a map and try to figure out their location. Meanwhile, a couple of young chav scum/gangster wannabes think they have a couple of tourists in their sites and thinking they’ll steal some easy cash, they attempt a mugging. Incredulous at the young twerps shouting at them demanding money, Dave and Adrian (both ex-soldiers) easily dispatch the threat and drag their leader, Toby, into an empty warehouse to exact some revenge. Adrian tapes Toby to a horizontal bar at the wrists and biceps and applies a duct tape gag to muffle his screams. Then Adrian cuts Toby’s cheesy tracksuit to ribbons and leaves him standing their naked. Adrian begins swinging the flogger and he lashes Toby’s body mercilessly—across his belly and chest, his thighs, and across his balls. Toby is in misery at the pain, but that’s not even the least of his worries…while his skin is still red and pulsating from the whipping, Adrian comes up behind him and starts fucking him in the ass! This straight chav lad screams and tries to get away, but Adrian’s cock is buried in his tight virgin ass until he’s ready to stop. It’s amazing gay bdsm video, available only at Click here to watch.

criminal wannabe gets roped, flogged and fucked

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