Crucified Chris hanging torture

Dream Boy Bondage really lives up to its name with Chris — he’s gorgeous and muscular without being overly musclebound, an important distinction, especially when it comes to the even torture devised for him in the dungeon. He’s laid on the cross and his wrist are locked in place and his ankles are secured so his knees will be bent while he’s vertical. Once upright, he’s hanging naked by his wrists and its a real effort just to breathe. He’s whining and moaning, and it feels like his shoulders might pop out of their sockets. His legs are useless — his ankles are locked so he can’t straighten his legs for relief. He’s just going to hang and hang for hours. These freaks are such sadists! Click here to watch Chris’s NINE part ordeal in DreamBoyBondage’s Prison of Pain series.



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