Cruel Electricity Play

Perhaps “play” is not the right word. I’m sure the roped bottom sub might describe it as electrical torture. Masters Darren and Darryl have roped themselves a helpless slave and strung him upside down on a piece of gym equipment. Their appetite for sadistic fun is bottomless, and they soon have their sub stripped naked and fitted with a electro shock collar. They laugh and mock their slave as they mercilessly zap the collar and watch him thrash and twitch. Then the two brutal bastards remember their electro wands and deliver electrical shocks all over the most sensitive parts of the slob’s body, including the nipples, balls and cock! Then to really terrify the sub they douse him in water to really amplify the power of the electro shock, and because they can’t control themselves, Darren and Darryl piss all over their slave in a final act of craven perversion before they keep electro shocking him. This cruel perversion pushes every limit! Click here to witness the full gay bondage abuse video at

sadist thugs string up their slave and abuse him with cattle prods

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