Dirty Old Man drinks the piss of youth

I am very tickled with the (mostly) original premise from this week’s Brutal Tops episode. The most twee brutal top ever, Billy, is getting ready for swim practice in the locker room while getting eyefucked by an incredibly dodgy old fuck. The old man stands there naked, rubbing his cock and playing with his nipples while watching Billy get into his speedo. Billy gets on the phone and calls Derek, the swim team coach/lifeguard to report the incident, and seconds later an enraged Derek (who oddly went by Bryan when he was getting fucked on Straight Hell last week) barges in and starts booting the crap out of the skeevy old perv. Billy and another teammate of his join in punishing the old man, binding him in plastic clingfilm and forcing him to wriggle around on the floor like a worm. Sick young minds are full of creativity though, and Billy and Steve get the old fart up on his knees and jam a funnel under the cling film and then all three tops piss into the funnel so the urine forms a film around the old shit’s body. From there, the old man is forced to lick piss off the floor, lick his tormentor’s dirty feet and assholes and endure footgagging and trampling. This is one of the better Brutal Tops scenes I’ve seen in weeks, and although they are yet again recycling bottoms from Straight Hell to perform as Brutal Tops, Billy and Bryan/Derek are up to the task. Click here to watch the full gay perversion and BDSM video inside.

decrepit pervert gets pissed on and foot gagged by lithe young swimmers

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