Donkey-Dick Amateur gets Teased until he Begs for Release!


28 year old Jay is as close to perfect if you love straight American guys getting used and chewed up doing gay-for-pay fetish videos. He’s tall and powerful, handsome and rugged, and he’s got a meaty, thick cock that has great “curve appeal.” Richard has been his sugar daddy for about a year now, and when he summoned Jay to his dungeon, Jay was all to eager to drive all night to accept his Master’s punishment. This time, Jay is roped to a stool completely naked and he’s subjected to Richard’s stop-and-go handjob and he’s ordered not to cum until instructed. Wiley old man Richard gleefully tortures Jay’s cock with 15 or so slow strokes and then a quick flurry of fast jerks and then hands off. Jay is getting so close to busting his nut, but Richard just won’t allow him. This feisty old fart is able to control this big tough guy with just a flick of his hand and Jay is getting more and more desperate. He finally shoots his load, and it’s very impressive, but he didn’t ask permission, and now Rich really becomes the devil, tortuously milking Jay’s super sensitive cock until he’s almost crawling out of his skin! [Click here for video]




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