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Dom top Dave is having a blast with his new slave Terry, an English bloke he keelhauled and is now playing a very painful game with. Dave tricked Dave into coming back to his place by promising a modeling job and lots of cash, but so far, Terry has been stripped and flogged, and now Dave has him writhing with pain thanks to nipple clamps and unbelievably tight ropes binding and twisting his cock and balls. While Terry thrashes around, Dave is working behind him, getting ready to plunge a thick dildo up his ass through the seat of his chair! Terry has never been assfucked before, and he is in incredible discomfort and waves of humiliation wash over him. After Terry has been buggered for a while, Dave removes the dildo and forces him to have a taste of his own ass by shoving the thick dong down Terry’s throat until he’s gagging and sputtering. Terry is completely degraded and feeling like he’s at his lowest point, until Dave show’s him that there’s lots of room to go to rock bottom and sprays him in the face with hot, stinking piss! Enter here to see more video of Terry’s tragic humiliation and gay BDSM nightmare at BreederFuckers.com!

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