Excruciating Gym Torture you Fantasize about!

So once again we get to see our very favourite glutton for punishment Derek Pain endure a punishing, brutal workout with sadistic personal trainer Connor Maguire. In a scene from the the gym from Hell, Connor gets Derek warmed up with naked dumbbell curls while a 5lb dumbbell is suspended from his roped scrotum. Connor adds extra incentive for proper form, slapping Derek’s erect cock with a riding crop every time his form is poor. Derek struggles to pump the 50lb dumbbells and Connor grows frustrated and decides to intensify Derek’s workout. His scrotal weight gets doubled and he must perform dumbbell squats without his pendulous burden touching the ground. Finally, Connor is seeing the results he’s looking for! Derek’s next test is the bench press, but unlike any we’ve ever witnessed. Connor clamps Derek’s nipples with forceps and ties them off around the bar. Derek must pump the weights but if he gets close to full extension, it feels like he’s tearing his nipples off! Connor keeps him flexing by zapping him with his electro-wand. Derek is in incredible pain but his cock keeps raging! The final test is the most brutal cardio ever — treadmill running with scrotal weights, nipple clamps and flogging! Derek can barely put one foot in front of the other with the heavy weights hanging from his balls, but if he moves too slow his nipples are stretched to the max, and Connor is demanding a brisk pace and incentivizing his client with sharp, cutting blows from his leather flogger. Connor is excited for the cooldown, and he ropes Derek to a bench and rams his thick cock deep inside Derek’s hole, milking his aching cock until he finishes with a thick load all over Derek’s face. This is the most amazing BDSM workout video I’ve seen in a long time!


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