Extreme Rubber Restraints + Breathe Control


Extreme Rubber Restraint Practitioner RANK plies his trade in San Franciso and has plenty of kinky submissive rubber men at his disposal. He has a new toy, a medical halo brace that keeps his sub sitting completely upright for hours — no slouching permitted. The gimp is enclosed in a heavy rubber studiogum hood and mounted in a chair, and Rank begins the breath control training and posture training. The rubberman is completely helpless, and Rank can easily block the small airholes on the rubber gum hood and cause the gimp to pant and heave. Rank relents and keeps tormenting his pet slave, stimulating his genitals and closing his airways. The rubber master is gleeful in his enjoyment, but what is the Gimp feeling? Click here to see the entire heavy rubber restraint video and photoset at Serious Male Bondage.


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