Gay War Games — Homo mutiny; soldiers fuck their commander

Here’s some awesome footage from the Gay War Games propaganda network…foot soldiers Mecko and Becko are being put through the paces by their sadistic commander. Forced into physical training, specifically a long distance run, the soldiers reach their breaking point. They spend their days looting and interrogating and enriching their commander’s coffers and he still treats them like shit. Well, not after today!

Mecko and Becko jump their Captain, Maximilian, and quickly put the handcuffs on him. Max is stripped naked and the soldiers pull out their cocks and start slapping their CO in the face. Max had facefucked his soldiers many times to assert his dominance and now the tables are turned! Max is forced to take both cocks in his mouth at once, and M & B pump their rods hard and without mercy. The fun for the queer commandos continues — their handcuffed captain is knocked to the ground and hogtied — his pink asshole is exposed and the two soldiers tease his ass for what surely will be a furious assfucking. They are enjoying their commander’s shame, and they continue to heap abuse on him — shouting insults in his face, slapping him, whipping him, kicking him around. This trailer is just a tease, but the entire video is available here with a complete account of the humiliating bondage sex scene.

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GayWarGames soldiers chain and fuck their helpless commander

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