Hetero Carpenter Roped and Fucked by Sadistic Perverts


BreederFuckers has a great series going with hetero laborer Jack. After loudly complaining about the gays taking over his neighbourhood and how he hates working on home renovations for gay couples, Dave and Adrian start stalking him to treat him to some ironic punishment in his workshop. They confront him about his homophobia and then reveal a surprising truth: he was right to be afraid of gay men, because they are going to brutally fuck his ass and humiliate him with a shower of piss to the face. Jack struggles, by Adrian and Dave are stronger, stripping him naked and roping him to a sawhorse. Dave shoves his dick in Jack’s mouth while Adrian works on caning Jack’s ass and then probing his hole. Soon Adrian has Jack’s puckered hole greased up enough to ram his cock deep while Dave bends over and forces the helpless slave to lick his dirty hole. Finally Adrian pulls out and Jack thinks the worst is over, but knowing Adrian the fun is just getting started — he has his pole mounted dildo at the ready and he impales Jack on it like a spear! While Jack howls, Dave turns around and waggles his cock in Jack’s face one more time, just before unleashing a torrent of piss in the helpless hetero’s face. The finally leave him, exhausted and in anguish, still roped and helpless. Click here to watch the entire series featuring Jack’s abduction, punishment and hard, rough sexual initiation at BreederFuckers.com.





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