Hetero Thug terrorized and Anally Violated


It’s time to get another serving of Breederfuckers’ new piece of flesh: Josh, a street tough wannabe who succeeded in pissing off Dave and Adrian to the point he got a no-refusal invitation down to their dungeon. They’ve been humiliating him for hours, and now they get him dressed in sports kit, hoping that changing the outside will change his shitty attitude. If only it were that simple…

With a ballgag in his mouth, Josh gets nose to nose with the King of Perverts, Adrian. Instead of screaming or cursing him, Adrian opts for the more creepy aproach, kissing and licking the ballgag while Josh has no room to recoil. Dave wants in on the action as well, and he bends Josh over and rubs the slave’s face in his crotch while Adrian probes and gropes his wide ass. Josh is squirming and growing frantic, just as Dave and Adrian had hoped. They stand him up, rope his arms behind his back and tether him from a ceiling beam and proceed to turn up the creepiness to 11, peeling off Josh’s clothes and feeling him up like he was a piece of meat. Soon Adrian and Dave are cackling like hyenas while they are wanking Josh’s tiny flaccid penis while he looks away in the distance in abject misery. The humiliating torture session seems to be working. Finally Adrian reveal his favourite toy, the white vibrator that has fucked so many young men, and he tells Josh his tender virgin hole is in for a relentless fucking. Josh tries to scream through his gag but the laughter of the maniacs drowns it out. These pictures are titillating, but they don’t do it justice — Click here to see the full video of this straight thug getting humiliated, violated and penetrated by the Best at Breederfuckers.com.


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