Humiliating Foot and Armpit worship

The nasty thugs at Brutal Tops never stop honing their tactics for degrading and dehumanizing their submissive slaves. Derek and Nicholas are the two worst offenders — they are young, brash and strong, with vile intentions and no regard for anyone. If they were in business, you could imagine them being the kind of sociopathic devils that would push thousands of families to the brink of financial ruin to ensure their bonus cheques. But in the realm of fetish video, their basest instincts are proudly displayed. In this video, they have been refraining from showering for days during a heavy physical training cycle. Their muscled bodies stink of old sweat, but their purpose is to get themselves into a stinking state so their grovelling slave can clean them with his tongue. The muscular, tattooed brute has been popping up a lot lately on Brutal Tops, and Nicholas and Derek mash their dirty feet into his mouth, their stinking armpits into his nose, and then force the slave to clean out their disgusting asscracks with his tongue. Derek uses the slave’s tongue to clean off his dirty cock while they laugh and jeer him for being such a disgusting sub human. The trailer concludes with the slave’s gaping mouth being used as a urinal by the perverted sadists. It’s utterly fascinating to watch them turn their slave from merely pathetic into something barely recognizable as human. Click here to watch the complete bondage foot and armpit worship fetish video.

tattooed slave gets humiliating foot worship punishment

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