Humiliation & Punishment @ Mr. S Leather Store

Shit, I can’t believe its Monday already. Anyway, i would have posted this for your enjoyment earlier in the weekend, but my connection was down…Fuck you very much Verizon. Anyway, this clip gets me in a better mood. It’s fan favourite bottom DJ working the crowd at Mr. S. Leather in SanFran. He’s browsing the racks, but his ass is broke, and while he’s convincing other customers to buy him some gear as a present, Josh West appears behind him and jumps the poor lad. Other customers jump in on the action. The door is quickly locked and there’s no escape. A gang of tough guys hold DJ down while Josh strips him naked. A blackout mask is pulled over his head and he’s led around the store on all fours, caressing the cock of every sadistic man that wants a piece, and trust me, no one refuses. The crowd wants more though, and Josh ups the intensity of the spectacle, inserting an electrified plug up DJ’s ass, and he makes the bottom pig dance and suffer every time he hits the zap button on the remote control. The crowd grabs cattle prods and other implements of torture and zap and whip the suffering pig into a twitching, convulsive state. It’s fucking brutal and intense. Click here to see the full 81 minute public BDSM spectacle here!

A gang of horny perverts punishes and degrades an innocent lad

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