Leather clad Josh West punishes anguished sub Leo Forte

Josh West is, for me, one of the men who most define “Dominant”. I have been enjoying his work for a long time and whenever he makes an appearance on BoundGods, I am already feeling a knot in my stomach thinking about the wicked punishment he delivers. In this video, he is paired with muscular sub Leo Forte, who apartently is a mixed martial artist with an unusually high pain tolerance. Josh savages him with a flogger, but Leo actually laughs at him! this impudence and insult pushes Josh to crank up the intensity, and he is now fully committed to making Leo cry and tremble at his feet. Josh uses the flogger again, and you can feel the heat radiating off of Leo’s lashed body. Next comes the cattle prod, and the after locking Leo’s wrists in stocks. Josh whips out his huge dick and forces Leo to suck him off. Josh and Leo put on an incredibly intense and pain-filled show that completely satisfied my craving for pain.

See the full video of Josh punishing and fucking Leo in super-real hi-def.

Here are some comments from BoundGods members on this video:

Excellent! Would have preferred him more restrained for the flogging seeing as he can take it, so Josh could get some really good lashes in there. The fucking was hot in both positions. Stockade was awesome, some peg work would have looked stunning on his body while he was there. Fantastic shoot, Josh was great as always but Leo out did the Dom on this one. Going to need to work through the Doms to see which one can push him. Nick or Brenn has my vote! Well done guys!

I would give this Josh 1 and Leo 3. That guy can take it! He was reaching for more cock down his throat than that monster Josh has (you could see it!). As for the screwing, it was Godzilla cock versus Mamouth Cave. Leo’s eyes should have been bulging but he leaned down on the monster. Excellent action, great men, reasonable premise. Keep at it, you are on a winning run!

Awesome shoot. Loved the masks and blindfold! It was a nice change. LEO LEO LEO …. bring him back and put him with the toughest dom you can find!!!!!!

Perhaps the most intelligent match of dom and sub I’ve seen here. It seems that both were expanding their limits, as they expected, in great harmony. A nice change from wham bam (but thats good too!).

Enter here to see the full length bdsm punishment test in Hi Def.