Military Interrogator whips and fucks captured spy

Military interrogation scenarios are a favourite fantasy for gay bondage fans. Tough soldiers, trained to take pain and psychological torment are forced to face off against counterparts trained in making men break and reveal their secrets. BoundGods thought Tommy Regan would be up to the test to take on military interrogator Damien Michaels. Hooded and bound to a chair, Tommy doesn’t know what Damien is up to. Damien screams in his captive’s ear and works over his muscular torso with punches to his thick pecs. Tommy isn’t bothered, so Michael decides to take a different approach. He pulls out Tommy’s cock, and it’s huge: thick and long and webbed with veins. Damian is an expert at getting young men hard and Tommy can’t stave off arousal. With Tommy’s hard cock in his mouth, Damien starts biting the shaft and Tommy starts reacting. He twists and jerks, but now realizes he’s at Damien’s mercy.


Damien is taken aback by Tommy’s beautiful cock and gorgeous body. Maybe he can drag this interrogation out a little longer. He strips his slave naked and starts working him over with the whip. Tommy has a great bodybuilder’s physique and you can see every muscle pop and bulge as he strains to get away from the whip. Damien gets nasty with electric shock torture, running high voltage through Tommy’s huge erection, but ultimately, it’s hanging the musclebound prisoner by his wrists and ankles and fucking his ass that gets him to break. Damien showers him with cum and then milks a gushing jizz blast from Tommy as he finally submits and reveals all. Click here to watch the entire military interrogation bondage at BoundGods.


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