Morgan Black performs cruel medical exam on bound stud Mitch Vaughn

Mitch Vaughn should check his HMO coverage, because he appears to be getting a lot of out of network treatment when he visits Dr. Morgan Black for a checkup. Morgan gets very hands-on with the musclebound stud, checking his back and chest, listening to his heart and lungs, but Mitch just turned 40, so guess what that means…it’s time for his first prostate exam! He’s reluctant, so Dr. Black has to get a little physical with the brawny patient to get him on the table. What’s the matter, tough guy? Afraid of a little finger up your pooper? Well, actually Dr. Black is an alternative health care practitioner and after his ordeal, Mitch would have been happy to get just a finger. After extensive probing and even flagellation (was that whip sterile?) Morgan hoists Mitch up into a set of stirrups and restrains him with leather belts, giving him full access to the muscle man’s pink fuckhole. Morgan applies electro stim contacts to Mitch’s ass and inserts an electro-ready dildo up his hole and turns on the juice. Mitch squirms at the intense electro-sensation running through his genitals and Morgan gives him a hand, jacking off his hard cock but leaving him just short of ejaculation. The non-medical term is edging, but doctors call it pre-ejaculatory stimulation with a coverage cap. Morgan finally uses his own cock to take a temperature reading from deep inside Mitch’s body cavity, like an old-time doctor. Mitch is hot and incredibly wet and it takes Morgan several minutes of probing and thrusting with his erection to find the hottest spot in Mitch’s hole. Morgan finally gets what he needs and he delivers the results of his test to Mitch…all over his face and chest. Click here to watch the full version of this incredibly fun and stimulating gay medical bondage video.

sexy gay bondage medical fetish

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