Rough Oral follows nasty toilet wrestling


Master Jack has a nasty fetish for brutal punishment in public toilets and he overwhelms his latest reluctant partner with raw sexual force. After sniffing Jack’s armpits and licking his nipples, the sub is knocked to his knees and commanded to lick, suck and kiss Jack’s feet and toes. Covered in the grime of the men’s toilet floor, Jack’s feet are stinking and dirty but the feeble sub dutifully uses his tongue to clean Jack’s little piggies, all while absorbing horrendous verbal cursing and stinging lashes with Jack’s riding crop. Not satisfied the the slave is giving his best effort, and frustrated Jack falls to the floor and starts grappling with the wriggling worm, trapping his head in a tight leg lock that has the slave on the verge of passing out. Jack finally relents but he still seems intent on choking his slave, this time with his throbbing cock. Grabbing the sub by the scruff of the neck, Jack rams his erection into his mouth until the sub is gagging and has a nose full of Jack’s pubes, but Jack is not concerned in the least. He keeps pulling the sniveling worm’s beet red face into his crotch with increasing ferocity, eventually just getting on top of him and fucking his open mouth like he was fucking a gaping asshole. Totally Brutal, totally sick and dirty fetish: Jack loves to treat his slaves like shit at


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