Rubber Slave Connor Submits to Electro Stim and CP Training

Onyx training continues in the battle for dominance at Bound Gods. Master Jaxton is charged with whipping raw recruit Connor Halstead into shape for the House of Onyx, and Jaxton eagerly commences the bitch boy’s training. His tender young nipples are the first target for hulking Jaxton. Huge steel clamps are pinched onto those tender little buds and cranked shut, leaving Connor to writhe in pain. Sadistic Jaxton heaps on more agony, whipping Connor’s inner thighs and cock with a riding crop while he fights to endure the pain. Finally Jaxton relents and removes the clamps and moves Connor to the floor, fixing electrodes to his tender thighs and wiring him up, plus stuffing a hot plug up Connor’s ass. Jaxton flips on the electricity and watches as Connor twitches and whimpers, although his rock hard cock suggests he’s having a blast. Jaxton lubes his slave up and jacks him off while playing with the voltage…The rush of the current pushes Connor to the brink of orgasm, but Jaxton backs him off, denying his pleasure and redirecting stimulation to the electrified butt plug. How will Connor be able to survive? Watch the 58 minute electro-heavy bondage video to find out!