Sexy Jock John Reclaimed by the BreederFuckers


John was a big sensation when he appeared on a few years ago…He is a legit tough guy, an MMA fighter with an ornery attitude. Dave and Adrian double teamed him and eventually subdued him, but even the sadistic duo took a few lumps and bumps in the process. Revisiting their rough conquest is a frequent topic of conversation, and a few weeks ago, they started stalking John on Facebook so they could rekindle the magic. They found his new gym and started plotting their move, which actually didn’t amount to anything sophisticated. They “costumed up,” easily the funniest thing I have ever seen them do: Dave in a hilarious fake mustache and sunglasses, and Adrian in a cowboy hat and some dollar store fake beard that is literally tied behind his head with a shoelace. If John hadn’t been brutalized by them before, he certainly would have burst out laughing at the site of these ridiculous getups!

Once Dave and Adrian pounce and John realizes who they are, you can see he’s clearly terrified. His terror sweat fills the room with his musky scent and Dave and Adrian strip him down to his jockstrap and give him a terrific lashing to cow him into submission. Dave and Adrian take turns jamming their fingers up his ass (which has tightened up nicely since their last encounter) and going down on his cock. John moans under his gag but is met with cruel laughter. He’s ordered to stroke Adrian’s cock as best he can with his bound hands and get the master hard. Now that Dave and Adrian have John where they want him, he’s going to be there for a lengthy stay. Click here to watch the full video of John’s terrifying reacquaintence with Dave and Adrian or here to see his original bondage submission and humiliation series.


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