Spencer Reed makes Ben Brown his anal training bitch

Bondage he-man Spencer Reed resurfaces in this new video from HotHouse.com – Sektor 9, and the hulking stud is charged with the anal training and domination of muscular jock Ben Brown (Seriously WTF? Are you a porn actor or a middle school assistant principal?) Ben is chained in an makeshift dungeon/meat locker and he trembles at the sight of Spencer striding in, clad in a hot rubber apron and elbow-length gloves. Spencer holds a giant inflatable dildo in his hands and he orders Ben onto his hands and knees. Spencer pushes the massive phallus into Ben’s tight asshole and begins pumping it up, expanding its girth and stretching out Ben’s hole. All of the dildo training is making Spencer incredibly horny and he unsheathes his own massive cock and orders Ben to suck him off. Ben complies and greedily swallows Spencer’s girthy shaft as far as he can. Spencer then slams his cock into Ben’s ass, fucking him so hard that Ben has to bite down on his chains in order not to scream out loud. Hulking Spencer shoots his hot load all over his panting slave, and then walks away leaving the pathetic slob to jerk his own cock to completion. Click here to watch the amazing full length anal training bondage video inside!

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