Straight Hell top Derek gets hard anal probe

Straight Hell top Derek is getting punished by fellow sadistic top Nicholas for acting like a total jackass out in public and tarnishing their reputations as badass fuckers. Derek is bound wrists to ankles, and flipped on his back with his feet in the air. Nicholas pries his thighs apart with a spreader bar and rigs up a series of tight clamps that pinch Derek’s balls and forces him to remain still during a hellacious spanking and rough finger fucking. Derek can’t withstand the pain and eventually thrashes hard enough to rip the clamps off his nutsack. Nicholas crams his long hard cock into Derek’s mouth until he gags…it’s a shocking site to see the formerly rude and brash dom top reduced to gagging on a cock and spluttering through tear-filled eyes. Nicholas continues to ram his fingers into Derek’s ass, and then he decides to penetrate him full force with his swollen cock. Check out Nicholas roughly boning Derek’s roped up ass in this totally hot top-fucking gay BDSM video.

straight hell top gets hard anal probe

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