Straight Lad Lukas debuts at StraightHell

It’s a treat to share the first video of Straight Hell newcomers…despite claims to the contrary, I’m sure no newbie sub on the site is ever prepared for the full brunt of Dave and Adrian’s wrath. It’s the classic story with Lukas, working as a bellboy at a low rent hotel, he is dispatched to Dave and Adrian’s room to try and assuage their many complaints. The famously short-fused perverts have no time for apologies of explanations, and they tie Lukas’s wrists together with plastic cables, rip his pants around his ankles and proceed to unleash fury on his wiry body. Dave punishes Lukas’s ass first with a leather flogger, and then with his own swollen cock. Adrian meanwhile forces his own throbbing erection down the shocked slave’s throat until he’s gagging and on the verge of tears. The super aggressors have wasted no time violating this innocent lad to his very core…in a few minutes they have gone to complaints about the remote control batteries to forced buttfucking and throat gagging. I missed what Lukas left on the pillow in lieu of a mint. Click here to watch the complete debut bay BDSM and rough fucking video from Lukas at Straight Hell.

straight lad Lukas gets spitroasted by raging perverts

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