Straight lad punishment: Dimitri bound and fucked in public

The Straight Hell tops are back, spreading misery and suffering to their humiliated victims, and giving the rest of us a giddy goddamn thrill! We rejoin Dave and Maurice with poor, screwed Dimitri — Dimitri was originally picked up at the Pride Parade, scoffing at the antics of the participants, and the Straight Hell tops decided to sensitize him to the gay lifestyle. This trailer clip shows Dave and Mo parading Dimitri out in public in tiny hotpants and ultra tight tanktop, and later even naked. Forced to prance in public, Dimitri is overwhelmed with embarrassment and humiliation, but that pales in comparison to the shame at having to pleasure Maurice’s cock. Dave pushes the back of Dimitri’s head down hard on Maurice’s thick rod until Dimitri is gagging and tears are streaming from his face. Dave then takes several hard whacks at Dimitri’s naked ass, causing several passersby to stare and wonder. Dimitri’s is drowning in humiliation as the dom tops continue to tie and beat him, and gag him with their enormous cocks! Click to Straight Hell to see Dimitri’s entire humiliation punishment.

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