Sub Learns to Love Humiliation and Pain

Dale is the property of Masters Daniel Johnson and Dave from BreederFuckers. They’ve had him captive for some time now, and they’re getting close to the point where Dale is willing and eager to submit to their humiliating kinks rather than fight them all the way. One way they’ve been taking the fight out of Dale is to administer hard corporal punishment, and Daniel is eager to take charge. He’s got a heavy leather strap, old fashioned and capable of delivering excruciating pain. Daniel wields it like a madman, battering Dale’s buttocks and turning them into raw, ground-up meat. Then Dave enters, approaching Dale like a friend and offering to massage his throbbing flesh. But this turns twisted, as Dave douses Dale with lube and starts finger fucking his sloppy hole. They fill Dale’s guts with water and insert a plug into his asshole. Dave and Daniel take turns squatting on Dale’s face, asking for rimjobs until he’s doing so freely, trying to please his masters and hoping to curry favour. What a good slave boy! Click here to watch the terrorizing and training of this slave boy at BreederFuckers!


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