Submissive Bitch Lessons


Miles is really in the middle of a heap of trouble. The estate agent with the meaty ass has been hijacked by Dave and Adrian and locked away in a filthy basement dungeon. His polished sales demeanour has given was to a filthy mouth spewing empty threats. The two sadists laugh as Miles tries to bluster his way out of punishment and humiliation, and they confer on they plans to teach the little porker how to be a submissive bitch. Dave hoists Miles’ legs and ties them to his neck to restrict his air supply and to keep his gob shut. The rope is rigged so that if Miles even tries to relax his legs, the rope around his neck gets tighter and tighter. The flabby slob is in agony even before Dave starts punishing his ass. Miles gets a wildly violent butt lashing, and then Adrian roughly finger fucks Miles’ helpless ass. They the oral training commences. Miles has to learn to suck cock in a pleasing manner, and he gets another spanking every time he fucks up, but he’s a slow learner and he’s humiliated over and over while learning to be the perfect cock sucking bitch. Dave is eventually so disgusted with his performance that he pisses all over Miles’ head. What more can they do to this chubby embarrassment? Click here to binge on the full BDSM training and straight shaming series featuring the human hamhock Miles.


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