Super Top Brenn Wyson gets a taste of painful domination

This is a fucking treat, and worth the wait ( mysteriously kept this trailer offline for a few days…) but I was thrilled when I saw it. Brenn Wyson is reprising his role as the creepy janitor, but as he is fantasizing about his past conquests, he is taken by surprise by a cop out for payback. According to the story, Brenn had abducted and abused the cop’s younger brother, and now the officer is looking to wreak some havoc and get some revenge for his family. Officer Ned gets Brenn roped and standing on one foot on an electro plate with more electrodes on his cock. Ned jolts him with electricity without mercy. Brenn’s chest is clamped with forceps like a zipper and he screams, daring Ned to amp up the pain even more! Soon enough though, Ned lets his guard down and Brenn gets the upper hand, roping his captor and beating him like a mule with a leather flogger before fucking his ass like an animal. Go directly to BoundGods to see the controversial ending. Enter here to see Brenn Wyson’s BDM punishment and stunning revenge video!

Top Brenn Wyson gets a taste of being dominated

Click here to see macho dom Brenn Wyson rope bound and electrified and then witness his domination revenge.