Superhero Shamed and Anally Violated in the Dungeon


This young, brash superhero ignored his mentor’s warnings and foolishly tried to tangle with a much savvier villain than he was prepared to fight alone. Now he’s been captured and roped in the masked villain’s dungeon, his costume slashed to ribbons exposing his young, muscular body. A look of terror is in his eyes as the unhinged villain lubes up his fingers and sticks them in his captive’s defenseless asshole one at a time. The young boy wonder moans and pleads for mercy, but his arch enemy just lubed up a massive dildo and inserted it into the hero’s hole. The moans turn into frantic cries behind the gag, but no one is coming to save him. The villain has the dildo mounted on a pole so he’s ramming it into the hero’s ass like a Roman soldier wielding a spear! The hero is completely emasculated and humiliated and no one is coming to his rescue. Click here to see all episodes in the shameful superhero bondage series at




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