Suspended lad gets waxed and wanked

Ashton Bradley is another young man who refuses to play nicely with others. Bailey Onice is back in the dungeon and hoping for a hot shag, but Ashton is more interested in stretching the young lad and seeing how much pain he can take. He gets Bailey roped and suspends him spread legged and naked from the rafters, and he lights several candles for his sadistic plans. Very quickly, Bailey is squirming and groaning as Ashton is dripping scalding hot candle wax all over his tender inner thighs and crotch. Ashton obsesses over Bailey’s cock, stroking it and teasing it while dripping the boiling hot wax all over the sensitive head and into the foreskin. Ashton’s own sex drive has kicked into overdrive, and he can’t stop stroking his own cock while tormenting Bailey: he whips out his long, thick pecker and jacks it on camera while stroking his suffering sex slave. Click here to finish watching these British twinks getting into bondage and pain play.

suspended lad gets waxed and wanked

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