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BDSM Power games

Dumbfuck hillbilly Luke Reily is out to make a quick buck holding pretty boy rich brat Phenix Saint for ransom. While waiting for the ransom to come in, criminal genius Luke gets drunk and horny and decides to drag chained Phenix out of the closet and rough him up a little for fun. He starts whipping the chained muscle boy with a leather flogger and forcing his stiff cock down his throat. After heaping abuse on his victim, Luke happily passes out, leaving Phenix to escape and seek his revenge. Luke comes to, stripped naked and tied to the bedframe and worked over mercilessly with a riding crop. These boys sure love their corporal punishment!. Phenix revists every painful humiliation tenfold on Luke, stringing him from the ceiling fan, caning him and fucking him, all the while making hurtful slurs about rural stereotypes. Enter here to see this awesomely entertaining kidnap/punishment BDSM video from Boundgods.com.

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Fresh Meat For BreederFuckers Fans!

breederfuckers ross

BreederFuckers has forced another straight lad into his gay bondage porn debut this week…Ross is a skater boy who is part of a crew ruining Dave and Adrian’s neighbourhood. In a fiendish plan to drive them off, Ross is lured to the BreederFuckers dungeon and then given a dose of knockout drug to make him pliable and defenseless. Dave and Adrian do what they do best: they rope him, humiliate him and punish the suffering scumbag. I wrote a longer blog post about this on my other blog: Straight Hell Videos…check out the full story and trailer there
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breederfuckers ross

breederfuckers ross

breederfuckers ross

See this raw and lean young punk get a terrifying flogging at BreederFuckers!

breederfuckers ross

Sexy Jock John Reclaimed by the BreederFuckers


John was a big sensation when he appeared on StraightHell.net a few years ago‚ĶHe is a legit tough guy, an MMA fighter with an ornery attitude. Dave and Adrian double teamed him and eventually subdued him, but even the sadistic duo took a few lumps and bumps in the process. Revisiting their rough conquest is a frequent topic of conversation, and a few weeks ago, they started stalking John on Facebook so they could rekindle the magic. They found his new gym and started plotting their move, which actually didn’t amount to anything sophisticated. They “costumed up,” easily the funniest thing I have ever seen them do: Dave in a hilarious fake mustache and sunglasses, and Adrian in a cowboy hat and some dollar store fake beard that is literally tied behind his head with a shoelace. If John hadn’t been brutalized by them before, he certainly would have burst out laughing at the site of these ridiculous getups!

Once Dave and Adrian pounce and John realizes who they are, you can see he’s clearly terrified. His terror sweat fills the room with his musky scent and Dave and Adrian strip him down to his jockstrap and give him a terrific lashing to cow him into submission. Dave and Adrian take turns jamming their fingers up his ass (which has tightened up nicely since their last encounter) and going down on his cock. John moans under his gag but is met with cruel laughter. He’s ordered to stroke Adrian’s cock as best he can with his bound hands and get the master hard. Now that Dave and Adrian have John where they want him, he’s going to be there for a lengthy stay. Click here to watch the full video of John’s terrifying reacquaintence with Dave and Adrian or here to see his original bondage submission and humiliation series.


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Straight Hell — Pierce and Ed tortured and fucked

OMG, what a horrifying start to your wedded life — just as his wedding is getting underway, groom Pierce and best man Ed are hijacked by a pair of brutes with a score to settle, and they are taking their payment in hot flesh! Both of these straight lads are anally violated, forced to perform sick sex acts on each other and their captors while being showered with abuse and threats. Pierce’s bride watches tearfully, gagged and helpless, as her dearest is bound in ropes while assfucked, then has his cock zapped with a cattle prod! Straight Hell brings their trademark sadism and technical expertise to this remarkable gay BDSM video — Enter here to see the amazing full video in HD.

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Fresh Victim for the BreederFuckers Tops


BreederFuckers unveiled a new victim this week to satisfy the cruel cravings of Dave and Adrian. It seems like their neighbourhood is awash with real estate offices these days, and Dave and Adrian are disgusted at the scumbag hustlers crawling everywhere. But in a way, they are just their type: straight, arrogant, well-dressed and of low moral character. After about an hour of scouting around, they settle on Miles, a young guy with a beard and a big round ass, and call his office to set up an appointment. Adrian pretends he has a space to sell and Miles agrees to come right over for an assessment. Adrian is luring him into the BreederFuckers dungeon and Dave is lying in wait. Miles is rude and condescending and even takes a call during the meeting and that’s when Dave springs the trap. He pounces of Miles and gets him in a choke hold. In a minute or two, it’s lights out for the cretin. While he’s unconscious, Dave and Adrian tear his clothes off and fondle his cock. He even has a dribble of piss lingering in his foreskin and Dave helps himself to a taste. Miles has a very inviting, hairy asscrack and the savage tops can’t wait to start devouring and deflowering his virgin hole. Working quickly while Miles is still snoozing, Dave ropes him tightly. Miles regains consciousness and starts bellowing and fuming, demanding to be set free. Adrian’s response is to lash him mercilessly with a leather flogger across his buttocks and they are soon swollen and striped. Dave jumps in and starts jamming his fingers into Mile’s tight hole. When Miles starts screaming, Dave covers his mouth with duct tape and Adrian rams his throbbing cock into his slave’s defenseless hole. Miles is quickly cowed into humiliating submission and Dave and Adrian cackle like demons. Can’t wait to see what happens to Miles next! Click here to see Miles’ abduction and terrifying bondage and anal violation at BreederFuckers!


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Hardcore Edging and Relentless Facefucking!

Bound Gods is twisting a complicated tale with this week’s update: Derek Scott is the rising star at a San Francisco Property Management company. Sebastian Keyes is a delinquent tenant tired of paying the outrageous fees and is ready to take the fight to management. Derek’s eyes are bright and he’s eager with to kick out this deadbeat squatter and relist the property for 10 times the price. Sebastian is prepared though, and he’s soon got the hotshot roped up and stripped naked with an immense, involuntary hard-on. Over the course of three days, Sebastian leaves Derek roped and he edges the yuppie prick relentlessly. Back at the office, resentful drone worker Christian is dispatched to investigate Derek’s disappearance. Derek is a real asshole around the office and he recently got promoted over Christian, leaving Christian bitter and angry. So when the tall, tattooed stud finds his rival roped and exhausted but sporting an enormous boner, Christian jumps in right where Sebastian left off. He forces Derek to deepthroat his cock and rim him out, then he allows Derek to stand and receive a vicious and painful flogging. Christian finally fucks Derek from behind and shoots his huge load all over Derek’s face. Derek begs Christian to get him off and Christian obliges him, jerking him off until he shoots a messy load of cum, and Christian keeps going torturing his super sensitive cock head and balls. Click here to watch the full video of Derek Scott getting punished by two horny tops at BoundGods.com!


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