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Two Straight men forced into humiliating sexual positions

I hope you enjoy this week’s update from BreederFuckers, I have the feeling it might be one of the standouts for 2012. This is the first appearance of Joel, who has clearly become a source of irritation for Adrian and Dave. Joel is a young straight fellow, a Christian and a young father. He has also been forced to swallow his pride in the shitty economy and take a job collecting donations for charity on the street. He has been camped out on the sidewalk in front of the entrance to the BreederFuckers Office for a couple of weeks and Adrian becomes aggravated by the mere sight of him. He calls Joel and his ilk “charity muggers” and hatches a plan to put him in his place. It’s actually quite easy…once Joel hears an offer from Dave and Adrian for real, paying work he happily agrees to hear them out and follows them into their dank, basement dungeon. Confusion starts to set in when Joel sees his solicitation partner stripped and roped, dreading whatever comes next. Dave ropes Joel and soon the skinny young man is naked as the day he was born, standing next to his friend, both good Christians who are revulsed at the idea of touching the naked flesh of another man. Adrian and Dave jeer at them and lash them ruthlessly with leather floggers, forcing them together for a kiss, ultimately with lots of hot tongue action. Joel and his friend are tethered together with nipple clamps and chains so that each whip lash knocks one nervous naked man into the other. Joel’s friend has a whip put in his hand and he’s ordered to whip Joel, and he does it without compunction in hopes of winning his freedom. Laughing at how easy it is to get one Christian to betray another, the two sadistic tops have a fitting punishment for both, and they are both knocked to their knees, roped like dogs to insure their compliance and Joel is dragged by the neck face-first into his mate’s sour-smelling asscrack for some extremely reluctant rimming. Like I said, this video has all the makings of a classic, make sure you check out the full version at BreederFuckers.com

Straight men forced into humiliating sexual positions

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Straight Brute Fingered by Demented Doctor


When was the last time you visited the doctor for your annual physical? It’s been too long for this hulking brute and his twisted physician is vowing to teach him a lesson. After utterly shredding his clothing and fondling his dick, the doctor uses a unique technique to immobilize his patient for his prostate exam. Using an anal hook and a nose hook, both are tied off to a hook in a ceiling beam, keeping the strong man pacified and quiet while the doctor lubes up his gloved fingers and inserts them into the patient’s hole. After several minutes of finger probing, the doctor pulls out a pair of big dildos and inserts them into his patient’s greasy hole. He starts grunting and turning a deep shade of shameful red as the doctor keeps pumping his muscular ass. Finally the doctor relents, but doesn’t release the patient yet, but he re-inserts the anal hook and lets the muscular slave cool off until the next round of medical degradation. Click here to see more straight guys violated and shamed at StraightMenInTrouble.com!



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Straight Sex slave anally violated and caned

It’s good to be back to the blog after the big Christmas season…so much of it is just a big, hot fussy blur, so I decided to try and take things in the most opposite direction possible. No more bondage Santas or Leather Daddy wise men. It’s back to perverted Dave and Adrian and their worrisome habit of playing guardian angels to the downtrodden in their neighbourhood. They are like jack-booted superheros who love to face fuck their villainous foes. Their nemesis this week is Jordan, an aspiring pimp on the block who is trying to get local girls to start turning tricks for him. When he approaches Dave’s sister about hooking on the corner, she tells her little brother and he plots his revenge on the dandy. Adrian and Dave catch up with Jordan and quickly subdue him and begin punishing him, first with painful cane strokes across the ass and then with an anal hook tied to his pony tail to keep him in place. While Dave amuses himself gagging Jordan with his cock and then forcing the petrified straight man to rim out his ass, Adrian ties a rope around Jordan’s balls and rigs it to a bucket hanging from the ceiling and by the time he’s done, Jordan is struggling to hold 50 lbs of sand in the air just with his balls. Click here to see the full video of macho fags practicing extreme sexual sadism.

straighthell sex slave anally violated and caned

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Butcher Scott Tanner brutally whips supple slave Ethan Storm

Scott Tanner is a hard working dude that doesn’t want any extra bullshit in his life, especially not some nancy delivery boy making his day difficult. Feeling frustrated, horny and in the mood for delivering some discipline, Scott strings up Ethan against a cold, oozing slab of been and whips him into submission. Using a spider gag to break his resistance, Ethan fucks the helpless slave’s mouth before humiliating him and berating him, even spitting in his face! Scott takes his time getting Ethan into a full bondage position, binding him tightly with jute twine and pinching his fleshy cock and balls with tight clothespins. Then Scott unveils his favourite toy to use on his slaves…the Fresh Meat Hook, the most amazing tool in the butcher’s toolbox. Its a three-ball anal hook, and Scott works the entire device into Ethan’s gaping hole! Utterly amazing insertion bondage. Watch Ethan Storm’s entire bdsm punishment ordeal at BoundGods.com

Here are some comments from BoundGods members on this video:

Scott has this incredibly sensual quality that really draws you in and makes you want to suffer to make his cock feel good. It’s all the more interesting in that in the interviews, Scott just seems so darn nice you wouldn’t expect he could be a harsh top – but when he gets going his eyes get that sort of cold glaze and you can see him enjoying having his way with the boy. Like when he sped up the fucking when Ethan said it hurt – “you think that hurts? How about THIS” – now that’s how a top should be! Ethan did a really nice job as a new sub, too.

Very hot – great verbal scene and both guys looked really into it. Like some of the others, I also liked the tenderness at the end. Well done!. I agree with some of the others that I would like to see a scene with a top in full BLUF style leather (although I absolutely don’t need to see leather absolutely every week – this scene was just as hot!).

…This site exceeds almost all others, but you could be freakin amazing with just a little more creativity (and no fear of being too graphic….remember it’s PORN). Thanks for reading. Oh and by the way, I do love the toys…don’t lose that. Also loved the cleaning of that cute butt….but again wouldn’t have minded a closeup of the crinkles of his hole…I’m nasty like that!!!

Scott is one hot Manly man! Bring him back – often! And Ethan, for a first timer you did a great job! Favorite parts? Aside from all of it, enema, butt plug(s), chains, iron collar. The tenderness at end was so appropriate!Flogging is same old same old – unless, I’m sure, you’re on the receiving end! Programs are getting to be a bit predictable – not all, but some. Good job all. This one will be one for rewatching and rewatching…

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Brutal Tops medical BDSM and anal training

Nick and Lukas have been volunteering at the hospital lately as a way of scoping out vulnerable, injured men who are easy pickings for hard, humiliating punishment. Lukas sports a very promising looking young man: fit, obviously and athlete…maybe a footballer or rugger who got his bell rung and wound up in the emergency room. Athletic and very hairy himself, Lukas dons a surgical mask and pretends to put the jock through an examination, including having the dumb jock sniff his armpit! Lukas also comes up with a very ingenious method of restraint for this strong dolt: he puts his arms in plaster casts so he’s helpless! Master Nick arrives and the fun really takes off. Muscular Nick wants the medical slave to have a sniff at his armpits too, and then he pulls out a scary looking steel anal hook and crams it up the tight, virgin asshole of the crippled athlete. He squeals and flops around, but Lukas holds him down by standing on his legs while Nick runs a rope through the hook and ties it off on a smaller nose hook. Once the rope is pulled tight and the hook is fitted tight up his nose, the brawny sub is completely helpless, impaled on a hook and ready for more evil medical experimentation. Click here to watch the complete medical BDSM and anal training video.

Brutal Tops medical BDSM and anal training

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