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Hot pierced cock in CBT plus tickle torture

Master and slave duo Tony and Mikey documented their first go-round with their new bondage chair, and after Mikey has been thoroughly restrained with leather belts, a leather mask and blindfold, Master Tony can’t resist his slave’s big weakness…he’s incredibly ticklish. Mikey howls with laughter and helplessness through his mask as Tony fingers his armpits and ribcage. After he’s feeling lightheaded from all of the laughter, Mikey realizes Tony has put a cable through his prince albert piercing and strung it through his nipple rings, so whenever Tony pulls the string, Mikey gets a sharp yank on his nipples and his cock at the same time! Tony also uses the chair to its maximum benefit, tying off Mikey’s nutsack and giving them a good, hard yank through the hole in the seat. Click here to see the full set of photos plus the hot video of these 24/7 lifestyle players indulging their wildest gay bondage fantasies at SeriousMaleBondage.com!

Hot leather bondage straps and pierced cock CBT

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Sadistic Tops mock and degrade their subhuman slaves

God, how good is it to be stroking it to Brutal Tops? I really love the jag they are on now, featuring Billy, Guy and Nick utterly degrading and humiliating a pair of ugly sex pigs to the point of being completely robbed of their humanity. I swear to God, I have no idea what sewer or pig farming operation these to subs crawled from, but make no mistake, they are not coming from proper civilized society. They are roughly humanoid, covered with vulgar, amateur tattoos and copious amounts of body hair, and they are utterly subservient to superior male specimens like our fit, strong and sharp witted doms. Nick is the most vicious of the three, kicking the slaves in the guts and forcing foot worship before all three tops join in and shower their mutant sex slaves with buckets of piss. Nick, Billy and Guy egg each other on, daring each other to stick their cocks into the filthy beasts. First they get blowjobs, then Nick and Guy each mount one of the hairy animals, wildly fucking the grotesque monsters in the ass until they spew buckets of cum across their backsides. You won’t believe what kind of filth is lurking inside: click here to watch the full length gay BDSM video.

sadistic tops mock and degrade their subhuman slaves

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